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The angry Americans
Los Angeles Times
The Occupy and tea party movements have something in common: a fiery anti-establishment streak. The Republican and Democratic campaigns ignore it at their peril.
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Tammy Duckworth: Joe Walsh a 'tea party loudmouth'
Tammy Duckworth, Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh's Democratic challenger, stepped up her assault on the Republican congressman late Tuesday, calling him an "extremist loudmouth for the tea party." Walsh has come under fire since accusing Duckworth — a ...
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Video: Duckworth says the 'bad' Joe Walsh is an extremist 'Tea Party loudmouth'
This past week, the "good" Joe Walsh sang and rocked and rolled at a concert that benefited the political campaign of Tammy Duckworth. He sang songs such as Lif.
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Getting into the act at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
Worcester Telegram
The role I played in the Boston Tea Party was relatively small. Samuel Adams, the hotheaded patriot, called on me in the meeting hall.
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Roller coaster on the court steps
Bennington Banner
Thursday July 5, 2012 Phil Kerpen Thursday morning's high drama was intense out front on the Supreme Court steps, where I had the honor of standing with my friends from the Tea Party Patriots. The nervous energy before the decision was palpable.
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Independence Day: Is our government our servant?
Top News · Crime & Courts · Environment · Weather & Climate · Sports · NFL · NBA · NHL · MLB · MiLB · College Sports · High School Sports · Soccer · Fantasy Sports · Fight Sports · Science & Space · Astronomy · More · Become an examiner · TEA Party ...
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Ina Hughs: Book offers insight into tea party
Knoxville News Sentinel
"The story of civilization can be told in the conflict between the individual's desire for liberty and the state's need to establish order. Every government, once established, seeks to centralize and consolidate its own power at the expense of ...
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Tea Party Logic: Bambi + Bison = End of America
Democratic Underground
Tea Party Logic: Bambi + Bison = End of America. From the website of Krayton Kerns - Montana State Representative, aka The Conservative Cow Doctor. "Liberalism is a disease from which you can be cured. Trust me, I'm a doctor!" The doctor explains how ...
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HomeVideodrome: Goldthwait's 'America' Blasts Incivility, Trashes Tea Party
Big Hollywood
"God Bless America" rails against the coarse nature of today's cultural conversations, but Bobcat Goldthwait's latest project ends up glorifying the excess he's trying to critique.
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Freedom's army, July 4th, Independence Day Tea Party, Philadelphia
By Pamela Geller
Crowds gathering for Independence day celebration Independence Day Tea Party at Independence Day Hall, Philly, Pamela Geller, keynote speaker Pamela Geller and Rich Davis, recipient of the George Washington Leadership Award.
Atlas Shrugs
Diane Kruger Front Row at Chanel Haute Couture - Coco's Tea Party
By Cocos Tea Party
The Autumn/Winter 2012 Chanel Haute Couture show took place yesterday, and Diane Kruger sat front row with her boyfriend, Joshua Jackson. Although I'm sure you've all seen Diane's adorable Chanel outfit by now I still wanted to post this ...
Coco's Tea Party
egl: Interested in joining a Lolita tea party in Japan?
By findjpn
A Lolita Fashion club in Tokyo will be hosting a tea party for all lovers and those interested in Lolita. The tea party will be held at a very cute cafe in Harajuku in Tokyo, where there will be many Lolitas who are fluent in Lolita culture in Japan.
The EGL Community

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TEA Party Reloads After Obamacare Decision
The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party movement formed in response to the federal government's bipartisan spending problem. The movement was jolted and ...

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