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Tea Party's Petition Aims to Create Local Conceal Carry Law
WINNEBAGO COUNTY - Rockford 's Tea Party has been rigorously attempting to get signatures on their petition to put a conceal carry law on the books in Illinois . The count of names on the petition grew to over 4000 this week. The petition aims at ...
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Tea Party Tepid on Charlie Summers
Activists from the Maine Tea Party can largely be credited with Gov.
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Central Florida Tea Party is backing Adams
Orlando Sentinel (blog)
John Mica's history of open disdain for the group — but the Central Florida Tea Party movement has announced its support for freshman U.S. Rep. Sandy Adams, R-Orlando, who's taking on the Winter Park Republican in the increasingly contentious battle ...
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Zingales: Tea partiers, Occupiers have similarities
Online Athens
In the presidential race, it's striking to note that the Republican and Democratic candidates' campaigns contain only vague echoes of the two significant popular movements of the last few years: the "tea party" and Occupy Wall Street. In an attempt to ...
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REGION: Rep. Bilbray headlining Saturday morning tea party rally
North County Times
Election and Political news from San Diego County and Riverside County.
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Redlands Tea Party opposes high-speed rail bonds
Redlands Daily Facts
The Redlands Tea Party Patriots moved quickly in opposing the state Legislature s support of a bullet train in California.
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Tea Party Founder - "Romney is not a conservative. He is a liberal."
Democratic Underground
By Judson Phillips , Founder of Tea Party Nation Is Mitt Romney blowing it? The better question would be, "Has Mitt Romney already blown it?" Let's start with the basics. Romney is not a conservative. He is a liberal. This is his track record. He won ...
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Tea party chair hopes to run against Rock Hill's Hayes for SC Senate
The Herald |
York's Joe Thompson, president of the S.C. District 5 Patriots, announced Friday that he is launching a campaign to run as a petition candidate against Republican Wes Hayes in S.C. Senate District 15.
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The angry Americans: The Occupy movement and the 'tea party' have some ...
Sacramento Bee
In an attempt to tap some of the political momentum behind these movements, each party has pushed the idea most amenable to its base: the tea party's anti-tax stand for Republicans; Occupy's soak-the-rich attitude for Democrats. Yet both parties ignore ...
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Allen West Heckled
Huffington Post
at a July 4th celebration in the Sunshine State, a spokesman for the Tea Party-backed congressman is out with a statement calling the encounter "highly inappropriate." The exchange was captured on camera by CBS12 just as the local station was getting ...
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What I Wore: Leather Shorts and Thakoon Print - Coco's Tea Party
By Cocos Tea Party
Earlier in the week I spent a lovely afternoon at The Outnet's London offices with a group of my favourite bloggers. The fabulous Abi Marvel got us together to dress up in The Outnet's best summer looks, and first up is my "festival fashion" outfit.
Coco's Tea Party
DIY Tea Party blog
By Lish Dorset
I love this mother/daughter tea party overview from Aimee of It's Overflowing. The yellow-centric decorations feature favorite collections and DIY accents. If you're hosting a party soon and need some inspiration when it comes to the look and ... blog
Tea party, Ron Paul activists aren't enthusiastic about Charlie ...
By Matthew Stone
Activists from the Maine Tea Party can largely be credited with Gov. Paul LePage's election in 2010. And Maine supporters of libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul took over the state's Republican convention in May and chose a slate of ...
Bangor Daily News
The Daily Banter » Could the Tea Party be Found Guilty of Treason?
By Ben Cohen
By Ben Cohen: According to the Mississippi Tea Party, the implementation of Obamacare is tantamount to treason, and the chairman is advocating an armed uprising to get rid of the 'criminal invaders' residing in the White House. On their ...
The Daily Banter
Daily Kos: Tea Party Movement Liberalizing US Judiciary?
By (addikell)
The GOP has spent a lot of money and time loading up the US's court system with conservative judges. But all that work may be under threat. At least one high profile conservative judge is thinking twice about conservatism these days: ...

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Tea Party holds second annual "We the People" convention - CBS ...
CBS News video: Tea Party holds second annual "We the People" convention - Given recent ...

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