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Southwest Pennsylvania Tea Party serves up warning: Get involved
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
By Kari Andren — The Tea Party faithful must get involved in the political process to take a stand against policies — such as President Obama's health care law — that erode individual freedoms, conservative activists told a Greensburg rally Saturday.
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At Tea Party Forum, Cruz and Dewhurst Lay Off Attacks
Texas Tribune
Speaking to more than 200 people at a Tea Party event in Sugar Land, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz showed more difference in style than in substance.
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With McCotter out, another tea party vs. GOP bout takes shape
Washington Times
On one side, a political newcomer with ties to the tea party. On the other, a veteran Republican lawmaker who's clearly the preferred pick of the party establishment. It's a scenario that has played out in race after race across the country since 2010 ...
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Washington Times
The Tea Party Response to the SCOTUS Decision
American Thinker
Now that the Supreme Court's ruling on ObamaCare is known, many, from Rush Limbaugh and Greta Van Susteren on the political right to Ed Schultz (MSNBC), Rhode Island's former Democratic Congressman Patrick Kennedy, and others on the left, have ...
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Tea Party holds rally against Obamacare in Boston
The Greater Boston Tea Party voiced their opposition to Supreme Court upholding the law.
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San Diego tea party urges repeal of 'Obamacare'
U-T San Diego
A week after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld much of President Barack Obama's signature first-term achievement, hundreds of tea party activists responded by gathering in downtown San Diego Saturday to urge federal lawmakers to repeal the Affordable ...
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The tea party is coming, the tea party is coming!
however I do declare, "The Tea Party is coming, the Tea Party is coming to save our Republic!" A slight exaggeration maybe but when I listen to the Left Wing Elite Media's ad hominem attacks, disdain and death knell declarations that the Tea Party is ...
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With 'Freedom' In Fashion, Is Libertarianism Back?
And yet to get where we want to go we will start at OPA!, a Greek restaurant on the edge of town where Clark County Republicans and tea party conservatives gathered on Nevada primary night for what looked undeniably like a Ron Paul rally. In one corner ...
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With McCotter out, another Tea Party vs. GOP ... - Weasel Zippers
bail money . With McCotter out, another Tea Party vs. GOP Establishment bout takes shape. (0). Five ways to send Obamacare to the death panel without repeal. (1). Holder panders to La Raza, says civil rights "under renewed threat". (5) ...
Weasel Zippers
Yates Walker | A tea party battle cry | Conservatives4Palin
By Doug Brady
A century from now, the emergence of the tea party movement will be seen as one of two things: the death throes of liberty or the moment when Americans began to remember who they were. If Obamacare is implemented in a second Obama ...
Daily Kos: The Tea Party is an "Anti-Liberal" Movement
By (CartoonDiablo)
The consensus around the Tea Party is that it's actually just about spending with some social conservative elements present in the background. Aside from the obvious problem of the Tea Party not holding huge rallies around the Bush wars ...

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