Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday's Daily Brief: Arianna Introduces A Bipartisan Search For A Jobs Solution

Monday, July 9, 2012
Arianna Huffington: We cannot overestimate the devastating human consequences of our unemployment crisis. But there is a danger that by focusing exclusively on what is not working, we are missing out on spotlighting what is working. That's the belief behind the new jobs section we're launching today, Opportunity: What Is Working. In partnership with LinkedIn, Starbucks, Microsoft, The Amelior Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The Skoll Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, Startup America,, Valencia College, and NBC News, we are planning to use the national party conventions as powerful platforms for presenting what should be a fundamentally bipartisan issue: what we the people can do to accelerate job creation and fill job openings. As Ray Chambers put it: we will commit to "encourage everyone in the private sector, from businesses to individuals, to try and use creative and new ideas to help someone else get connected to an economic opportunity."
Mitt Romney, RNC Raise $106.1 Million In June
George Will's Pathetic Climate Change Response
Strict ID Laws Could Block Thousands From Voting
Ex-CIA Agent Says Roswell UFO Was Definitely Out Of This World
Kourtney Kardashian Gives Birth To Baby Girl
Robert Reich: The Wall Street Scandal of All Scandals
Just when you thought Wall Street had hit bottom, an even deeper level of public-be-damned greed and corruption is revealed. Sit down and hold on to your chair.
James Franco: Girls and Gatz
I know I am very late to be talking about the second half of the first season of Girls, and that the second season has already been shot, but I need to follow up my initial post about the show.
Christian Piatt: 10 Cliches Christians Should Avoid
We Christians have a remarkable talent for sticking our feet in our mouths. When searching the words most commonly associated with "Christian," the list ain't pretty.
John Cusack: The Alchemists: A Conversation with Phil Stutz, Part II
Through Phil Stutz's and Barry Michels' approach, which draws in part on the Jungian principle of active imagination, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and spiritual precepts unbuckled from religion, the problems and pain of life become the foundation for creating meaning and transformation.
Harriet Lerner: The Top 10 Reasons Women Re-Marry The Wrong Guys
The kind of person we say we want and who we're actually drawn to, settle for, or put up with are different matters entirely. What's going on here?

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