Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday's Daily Brief: Health Care Repeal On Repeat

Thursday, July 12, 2012
WATCH: Romney Booed Over Obamacare
PHOTOS: Audience Looks Less Than Excited At Mitt Romney's NAACP Speech
'Strange Sex' Features Woman With 102ZZZ Breasts
Woman Dubbed 'Vodka Mom' By Nancy Grace Committed Suicide, Police Say
Woman Catches Shark!
Sen. Barbara Boxer: What Repealing Health Care Reform Would Mean to America's Families
We cannot allow Republicans to take us back to a broken health care system that left too many families at risk. It would be devastating for our families -- our seniors, women, children and communities that desperately need quality, affordable care.
Robin Bronk: Nikki Haley's Short-Sighted Gutting of the Arts
Economic development. Improving education. Community revitalization. Aren't those core functions of government? It's not about "loving the arts." It's about recognizing that the arts are fundamental to our society and require at least some basic level of support.
Conrad Black: Serious About Getting Sh**-Faced
For me, forays into scatology are rare and I have never been very contemporary in my use of language. But I am stirred to a bit of slightly bawdy philology by an invitation from a convivial associate at Huffington Post for an occasion at which it was promised that we would all become congenially "shit-faced." I did a little etymology, and of course the background to the word is ancient, extensive, and frequently very humorous.
Marlo Thomas: The "Veepstakes" -- Highlights and Lowlights of a Great American Tradition
Choosing a running mate is by turns highly secretive and very public, and it has produced some great future leaders of the country. It has also produced some truly memorable train wrecks.
John Cusack: The Alchemists: A Conversation with Phil Stutz, Part III
Through Phil Stutz's and Barry Michels' approach, which draws in part on the Jungian principle of active imagination, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and spiritual precepts unbuckled from religion, the problems and pain of life become the foundation for creating meaning and transformation.

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