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Democratic, Oligarchic or Islamic Revolution in Egypt?
American Thinker
A democratic process that only deepens the role of Islamic Law in Egyptian society will be anything but liberal in the classic sense. ...
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Bashir defiant in face of terror charges
Sydney Morning Herald
I was only defending Islam," he said. The most serious charges include planning and/or inciting a terrorist act, and trafficking in weapons and explosives ...
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Muslims have no business celebrating Valentine's Day
Malaysia Star
Muslims should have no business celebrating such an occasion as it is forbidden to do so in Islam. Only Eid-ul-Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting ...
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Greek Police Arrest Suspected Fatah al-Islam Militant
Police in Greece have arrested a young Palestinian identified in reports as an alleged member of Fatah al-Islam, a police source said Sunday. ...
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Egyptian Revolution Stirs Raw Emotions in Iran
Wall Street Journal
Islam was injected into the aftermath little by little, layer upon layer. I was a child when the Islamic revolution declared victory in Iran 32 years ago ...
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Russian reaction restrained & cautious
The Hindu
Historically, North Caucasus has been dominated by moderate Sufi Islam. However when the war broke out in Chechnya, Arab preachers and militants financed ...
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The Hindu
Stuff: I know little about Islam, but I'm learning
Mansfield News Journal
So, one of the books I am going through is "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam." If that sounds a bit radical, take it any way you like. ...
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Decoding an ongoing conflict, Two books examine bin Laden, explore violent ...
Bend Bulletin
Such an understanding can help explain — in part — one of the central paradoxes in the West's ongoing conflict with political Islam's martial ...
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US flags, signs at protest of Muslim event
Many in the crowd waved US flags and carried signs saying, "God Bless America" and "No Sharia Law," in reference to Islam's sacred law. ...
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Children with Matches
Family Security Matters
The mischief started with campaign rhetoric three years ago; when Obama acolytes insisted on subdividing a single war against Islamic tyranny into a war of ...
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Family Security Matters

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Rugby: Sonny Bill converts to Islam | Otago Daily Times Online ...
The Herald on Sunday has reported Sonny Bill Williams has made a spiritual conversion to Islam. Williams converted two years ago, before he returned to New Zealand to play rugby, and requested halal food during the All Blacks' northern hemisphere tour last year, the newspaper said. ... Recent Rugby News ...
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Islamic World News
Islamic World News 12 Feb 2011, NewAgeIslam. ... attack police HQ in Afghanistan US considers tougher approach with Pakistan Compiled by New Age Islam News ...

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