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Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr open US centre for political civility in Arizona
The Guardian
Former presidents George Bush Sr and Bill Clinton have joined forces to open a new centre in Arizona committed to encouraging civility in US politics, in the wake of the shooting of a Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The two are to serve as honorary ...
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The Guardian
The Tea Party and US Foreign Policy
New York Times
By WALTER RUSSELL MEAD The rise of the Tea Party movement has been the most controversial and dramatic development in US politics in many years. Supporters have hailed it as a return to core American values; opponents have seen it as a racist, ...
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Wisconsin takes center stage in US politics for 2012
Nolan Chart LLC
He laid out the case why Wisconsin means everything to the liberals. by Mark Vogl Limbaugh really understands what is occurring and accurately pointed to Wisconsin as the political center of gravity for Obama's future. Wisconsin has been a blue state ...
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Down to the wire in Chicago mayoral race with Rahm Emanuel leading
Christian Science Monitor
Emanuel is unlike any candidate for office in Chicago in recent history due to his national credentials working for two US presidents as a policy advisor and fundraiser and for his immense campaign fund, totaling $8.3 million, making his the richest in ...
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Christian Science Monitor
Kingdom Come
Foreign Policy
The joint US-Israeli attempt to overthrow the elected government in Palestine drove Hamas into dependence on Iran. The Israeli Air Force's maiming of Lebanon with US support propelled Hezbollah onto the commanding heights of Lebanese politics. ...
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Foreign Policy
Dim View of US Posture Toward Bahraini Shiites Is Described
New York Times
The government advisers and Nabil Rajab of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights said that over the years, the United States military was reluctant to believe the degree of the royal family's discrimination against Shiites in politics, employment, ...
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New York Times
The politics of scarcity
Web Devil
A period of enforced austerity awaits us. If politics looked ugly before, imagine all the nastiness of the same old fight over fewer resources. Already, the winds are shifting. The ancien régime of earmarks and pork is politically untenable. ...
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Revolutions In North Africa And Mid East: What The US Wants
Black Star News
One of the cornerstones in understanding US imperialist policy is in understanding the uselessness of long-standing and aged political harlots who have outlived their usefulness, thus as the US State Department tries to bring an Opah Winfrey make-over ...
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As Republicans See a Mandate on Budget Cuts, Others See Risk
New York Times
"For us, this is about balancing the budget," Mr. Walker said on "Fox News Sunday." "We've got a $3.6 billion budget deficit. We are broke. Just like nearly every other state across the country, we're broke." But in the view of officials from both ...
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Hispanics Are Closer to Becoming the Majority in Texas
Politics Daily
The new population figures will give Texas four additional seats in the US House of Representatives, expanding its political clout and share of the Electoral College pie. Census data will be used to redraw districts for Congress and the state ...
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EA WorldView - Home - US Politics: A Beginner's Guide to the ...
By Lee Haddigan
US Politics. Photo: Andy Manis (AP)Back in October we took a look at the likelihood of a Tea Party-backed candidate, Ron Johnson, winning the Senate election in the state of Wisconsin, the traditional home of Progressives in the US. ...
EA WorldView -
Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker is a Political Fool - US ...
Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker is a Political Fool. US Liberal Politics -
Republican Budget cuts will cost 1 million Americans their jobs ...
By Bfgrn
"So be it." That was House Speaker John Boehner's cold answer when asked Tuesday about job losses that would come from his new Republican majority's plans to cut tens of billions of dollars in government spending this year. "Do you.
US Message Board - Political... -

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U.S. Bahrain policy: U.S. walks tightrope in policy toward Bahrain ...
A tiny monarchy in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is home to the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet, and the fall of its government could scramble the strategic order in ...,0,
Obama Returns U.S. Politics to 1995 | LA Progressive
Republican policies that drove the U.S. economy into the deepest ditch since the Great Depression are given equal credibility with Obama's.
Japan-U.S. unofficial policy dialogue held › Japan Today: Japan ...
About 70 lawmakers, diplomats and intellectuals from Japan and the United States gathered Tuesday in Tokyo to discuss how to…

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