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Tea party to storm Capitol for 'gut check'
Washington Times
By Seth McLaughlin Associated Press 'FRUSTRATED': Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler calls the rally a way "to prepare for the 2012 election." Miffed at the inability of Republicans to deliver on promises of deep cuts in federal spending, ...
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Washington Times
Dems blame Tea Party for budget impasse
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrats accused Republicans on Tuesday of walking away from budget talks that would cut spending and avoid a looming government shutdown for fear of angering grass-roots Tea Party conservatives. With time running short, ...
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Odd Alliance: Business Lobby and Tea Party
New York Times
By MIKE McINTIRE The Tea Party does not have a presence in Indonesia, where the term evokes cups of orange pekoe and sweet cakes rather than angry citizens in "Don't Tread on Me" T-shirts. Andrew Langer, president of the Institute for Liberty, ...
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House Democrats decry Tea Partier's proposed fees, bills would give counties ...
Washington Post
By AP, Wednesday, March 30, 5:33 PM ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Members of the newly formed Maryland Tea Party Caucus are pushing a series of bills to give counties the power to raise fees, proposals House Democrats called "hypocritical" Wednesday. ...
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Kennedy Pal Goes AWOL as Tea Party Cashes In: Margaret Carlson
The state's senior senator, the spotlight-loving, organ-playing Orrin Hatch, 77, is one of the Tea Party's top targets in 2012. Polls show him losing to almost any challenger. Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz, among others, is mulling whether ...
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Tea party notches wins on health reform
Tea party protests forced Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal to shelve exchange legislation. | AP Photos Close By SARAH KLIFF | 3/30/11 1:32 PM EDT Despite their best efforts, tea party activists could not stop Congress from passing health reform last year. ...
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GOP's Phil Moffett picks up tea party backing
Louisville Courier-Journal
Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett, who has raised less than $100000 for the May 17 GOP primary, is getting new tea party backing that he hopes will jumpstart his campaign. Moffett has been traveling the state since last year, ...
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Pawlenty headlining Boston Tea Party rally
Boston Globe
Worcester residents Ken Ricardi, Scott Schaeffer-Duffy, and Julia Skjerli hold an anti-war demonstration amid last year's Greater Boston Tea Party rally on Boston Common. Tea Party members say former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will be the keynote ...
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Tea Party Porn: The Atlas Shrugged Trailer
And the Tea Party is psyyyyyched. If you happened to have seen promotional posters plastered all over LA asking "Who is John Galt?" (really, how could you miss them) this is what they're talking about. If you don't know who John Galt is, trust us, ...
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Daily Kos: CNN poll: Tea party unfavorables at all-time high
By (DemFromCT)
We've known the tea party only attracts conservatives. Okay, and maybe a few Republicans. After all, they ARE Republicans. Outside of that, no one likes them . Urban, rural, midwest or south, makes no difference, the numbers are similar: ...
Daily Kos -
Poll: Unfavorable View Of Tea Party Hits Record High | TPMDC
By Jon Terbush
The percentage of Americans who hold an unfavorable opinion of the Tea Party movement rose to an all-time in a new CNN poll released today. CNN found the Tea Party ranked nearly as unpopular as both the Republican and Democratic...
TPM Election Central -
Why is the Constitution so baffling? Look down. | Tea Party ...
By Jim Funkhouser
The Tea Party is faced with a conundrum. If Congress can't force Americans to buy health insurance, how can Congress force Americans to buy a retirement plan? I haven't come across a good answer for that question, and I've been looking, ...
Tea Party Tribune - Tea Party... -
As Tea Party cranks up heat on Congress, poll shows public support ...
By Thomas Ferraro
Members of the conservative Tea Party movement plan to hold a rally on Thursday outside the U.S. Capitol, urging Republicans to stand firm in their showdown with Democrats over proposed spending cuts. While the Tea Party helped ...
Front Row Washington -
Tea Party: growing unpopularity?
By John Ellis
The tea party wasn't super favorable to begin with so I'm not what the point being made is. The tea party and it's ideology are here to stay and the opposition will underestimate's it at it's own peril. ...
Business Insider -

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Continuing Revolution Rally - Tea Party Patriots
Join the Tea Party Patriots Continuing Revolution Rally on the National Mall ... Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin,Rep Mike Pence (IN), Rep. ...

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