Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday's Daily Brief

Thursday, March 31, 2011
New Cracks In Gaddafi Regime As Minister Defects
Obama Treasury Celebrates Bailout Profits While Ignoring Costs, Legacy
Japan Told To Consider Widening Evacuation Zone Around Nuclear Plant
'Mad Men' Creator Fires Back At Network
Number of Dead Dolphins and Whales in Gulf May Be 50 Times Higher
Aaron David Miller: Should We Arm the Libyan Opposition? The Short (and Long) Answer Is No
The president ruled out regime change in Libya in his address to the nation this week. But if we are now going to arm the opposition, what objective could we have other than toppling Gaddafi?
John R. Talbott: The Next Crisis Will Be Ten Times Bigger
The amount of sovereign debt in the world, approximately $35 trillion, will make the $3 trillion subprime mortgage crisis seem like a minor tremor compared to the major devastating economic earthquake that could potentially come.
Jessica Levinson: Will the Supreme Court Vote for Speech?
This week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case that will likely determine the constitutional bounds of public campaign financing programs across the country.
Bob Cesca: The Republicans Lack the Seriousness to Govern
It seems obvious, but in order to be taken seriously, politicians have to be, you know, serious. Not just in terms of personality or behavior, but primarily in terms of policy and lawmaking.
Larry Magid: 'Facebook Depression': A Nonexistent Condition
This catchy new condition got the American Academy of Pediatrics report a lot of media attention. Trouble is, it's a made-up condition which, despite claims to the contrary, is not backed up by any research.

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