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Do You Want To Help Organize A Jailbreak?
A significant percentage of them are progressives, and most of them are alienated from the system to some extent. (3) The political/economic system is on the edge of a precipice. We inhabit a dying empire, vulnerable to defeat in the international ...
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Will (the Election of) 2012 Be Like 1996?
Big Think
Progressives would like to think that 2012 will be like 1936. The "negative landslide" of 1932 was supplanted by a "positive landslide" in an ususually ideological election. Voters seem to endorse the NEW DEAL or progress based on bigger and better ...
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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter One: God's Great Fools
Enter Stage Right
Many of my readers already know what I think of Progressives, both with and without their genius. There are, of course, Progressives of the concert halls such as Leonard Bernstein that dabbled in what Tom Wolf called "radical chic". ...
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The Devil wears evolution
Sydney Morning Herald (blog)
We need to work with progressives. They are to be found in every faith. To be frank I find thoughtful believers much more inspiring than angry atheists. The short answer to the eternal question of making atheism palatable to the species is that I ...
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Sen. Wyden places hold on second Internet censorship law
AMERICAblog (blog)
I'm developing a list of known-good progressives, and several people with decent public reputations are actually questionable. Ron Wyden ran an aggressive shirt-sleeves & baseball-cap campaign in 2010 in a barely contested race. ...
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WeinerGate: MSM Ignores Trifecta of Sex, Politics, and a Rising Political Star
Big Government
If a former KKK Kleagle was once the one most powerful member of the Democrat Senate, a philandering, drunken murderer was revered by "Progressives" as the "Lion" of the Senate, a philandering, bj-luving, habitual liar is the most popular with ...
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