Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday's Daily Brief

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Arianna Huffington: Reacting to the latest round of depressing jobs numbers, the president said that it is just like "if you got hit by a truck, it's going to take a while for you to mend." Being hit by a truck is not a bad metaphor -- but he left something out. If you get hit by a truck, you are taken to a hospital for major interventions. When you are wheeled through the emergency room doors on a gurney, people react; they move purposefully and quickly; machines are brought out; desperate measures are taken. But that's not at all what happened with the economy. Instead, the economy got hit by a truck, was wheeled into the ER, and those in charge largely left the patient to heal on his own while they went into a back room to talk about the long-term building plan for the hospital. You know what might help speed along the mending? Surgery.
Obama 'Not Concerned' About Double-Dip Recession
Syrians Flee Town Where Scores Of Security Men Died As Troops Approach
Regulators Knew World's Best-Selling Herbicide Causes Birth Defects
Olbermann Breaks His Silence In Explosive New Interview
Nintendo Unveils All-New Wii Console
Jason Linkins: Why Anthony Weiner Should Resign
The right thing for Weiner to do is accept some responsibility and get a Representative into that seat who can uphold the ideological values Weiner fumbled, by agreeing in this instance to metaphorically cut off his own head.
Robert Scheer: The Bernanke Scandal: Full-Frontal Cluelessness
How I wish that Ben Bernanke would get caught emailing photos of his underwear-clad groin. Otherwise we don't stand a chance of reversing this administration's economic policy, which is shaping up to be every bit as disastrous as that of its predecessor.
Diane Winston: Religion and AIDS at 30
Many news outlets marked the 30th anniversary of the discovery of AIDS with stories on the medical and scientific aspects of the disease. But was religion mentioned?
Daniel Amen, M.D.: Why Men Cheat: A New Twist on an Old Question
Why are so many men acting badly? The easy answer is to just say that these men are high-testosterone-driven cheaters. But as a neuroscientist, I know the brain tells a different story.
Robert Reich: Jamie Dimon's Bizarre Idea About Why the Recovery Has Stalled
According to JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, the recovery has stalled because of strict banking regulation. I'm not making this up.

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