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House conservatives not sold on Boehner plan
CNN (blog)
Washington (CNN) - Now that House Speaker John Boehner has unveiled his proposal to cut about $3 trillion in spending and raise the debt limit, his task is to round up the votes to pass it in the House later this week, but conservative skepticism of ...
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Conservatives denounce Boehner plan
The Hill
By Molly K. Hooper and Erik Wasson - 07/25/11 05:43 PM ET The chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee wasted little time announcing his opposition to the House GOP leadership's two-step plan to raise the debt ceiling. Rep. ...
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Conservatives bridle at trillions in 'phony' cuts
Washington Examiner
But a number of conservative lawmakers in both House and Senate are deeply troubled by what might happen if the new debt plan proposed by House Speaker John Boehner wins the day. Boehner has spoken repeatedly about "trillions, not billions" in federal ...
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Washington Examiner
The 'economic conservative' compromise
After more than 30 years of observing and covering politics, I wrote in "The Tea Party Manifesto" that there is a major misconception about a "divide" in the movement between so-called "social conservatives" and so-called "economic conservatives. ...
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Conservatives Beware: Boehner Plan Leads to Tax Increases (blog)
Conservatives have a clear objective: Debt limit legislation should drive down federal spending on the way to a balanced budget, while preserving the ability to protect America, and without raising taxes. The plan suggested by Speaker of the House John ...
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Re: Conservatives in the Closet
National Review Online
By Michael Walsh Michael and Tevi: No surprise that the ongoing self-selecting process in certain fields is resulting in an intellectual self-segregation of conservatives and liberals, with the lefties happily ensconced in one of the professions they ...
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Utah's Health Exchange is Not A Success: Conservatives, Please Reconsider Your ...
Forbes (blog)
By JOHN R. GRAHAM By JOHN R. GRAHAM, CAIA The Utah Health Exchange has gone from being a marginally interesting sideshow to a serious cognitive obstacle to conservatives' wholesale rejection of Obamacare. Witness the Wall Street Journal's editorial of ...
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Forbes (blog)
Yes, Some Conservatives Actually Think We'd Be Better Off Without a Debt ...
New Republic
But there's a third and largely overlooked phenomenon that's gumming up the works of any possible deal: the growing number of conservatives who genuinely believe that they (and the country) would be better off without one. Under the first narrative ...
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New Republic
In the Seven Years Since Conservatives Made Same-Sex Marriage a National Issue ...
Hartford Advocate
It was in large part because conservatives made it such an issue. In 2004, no prominent Democrat was pushing marriage equality, and only one, liberal, state had legalized it. By inserting same-sex marriage into a red-hot political season, ...
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Michael Medved: Should the Oslo Killings Discredit Conservatives ...
By Michael Medved
Michael Medved says the crime was ultimately about evil, not ideology.
dotCommonweal » Blog Archive » Conservatives feel heat from Norway
By David Gibson
Whatever the political, religious or cultural motivations behind the Oslo bombing and shootings by Anders Behring Breivik, his actions have put American conservatives who he cited as inspirations on the spot. Folks like Pamela Geller, ...
GayPatriot » A conservative case why conservatives can't yet get ...
By B. Daniel Blatt
In perhaps the most sober conservative assessment of the ongoing debt limit negotiations, Michael Barone makes a conservative case why conservatives can't yet get what we want: Republicans want to reverse that enormous policy change ...
House conservatives skeptical of Boehner plan | Philip Klein ...
By Philip Klein
House conservatives skeptical of Boehner plan. By: Philip Klein | Senior editorial writer Follow Him @Philipaklein | 07/25/11 8:29 PM. One of the big questions that will determine where things end up with the debt limit fight is whether ...
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