Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Daily Brief

Friday, August 19, 2011
Economists See Growing Risk Of Global Recession
Men Controversially Convicted Of Killing Boy Scouts Might Be Released
Report: Gaddafi Making Plans To Flee Libya
Russ Feingold Not Running In 2012
First Potential Challenger To Gabrielle Giffords Emerges
Bob Cesca: Rick Perry Is a Socialist in a Secessionist Costume
Despite his many remarks against the federal government, Rick Perry is in fact responsible for Texas being the second biggest state recipient of stimulus dollars -- ostensibly "redistributed" from tax payers in other states.
Rob Johnson: A Symptom of Desperation? Querying QE3
The ongoing talk of more quantitative easing is mainly a symptom of desperation and reflects the dysfunction in Congress and the White House that has stopped us from using much more effective tools to spur the economy forward.
Desiree Gruber: My Suit of Armor -- And the Clothes That Mock Me
If we wear the style that's true to us, then we ARE in fashion. The best way to protect yourself from, well... yourself is to know your style profile and keep those monsters out of your closet!
Craig Kanalley: How I Lived For 2 Weeks Without Facebook and Twitter
The addiction is very real for me. Many told me I could never do it. I decided to try this anyway: Two weeks without publicly posting anything on Facebook or Twitter.
Rev. Jesse Jackson: America Can't Be Saved From the Top
America can't be saved from the top down. The ship is leaking from the bottom. The debates on the campaign trail and in Washington must not continue to focus on topside staterooms while ignoring the damage below.

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