Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Glenn Beck: Out of Control

Media Matters August 3, 2011

Dear Friend,

Glenn Beck thinks he can spew his hateful rhetoric, take a few days of heat, and then dance away from accountability for what he's done.

Last week, we brought your attention to Glenn Beck's comparison of the young, innocent victims of the Norway mass murders to "Hitler youth" and his attempt to escape responsibility for that outrageous claim -- and you responded en masse with more than 10,000 petition signatures asking radio stations to drop Beck for his indefensibly hateful statements.

One radio station informed us that it had already made the decision to cancel Beck's show, which is a reflection that Beck's vitriol is bad for business and a testament to how grassroots power can help restore responsibility to our public airwaves.

But we need to keep up the pressure on other radio station managers across the country, so they won't be able to defend providing a platform for such hateful and profoundly disturbing intolerance for very much longer.

Donate now. Help Media Matters keep the pressure on radio stations to stop supporting someone who callously compares innocent victims of gun violence to "Hitler youth."

Thousands of people like you have signed a letter urging station managers to reconsider promoting Beck's out-of-control rants. And thanks to your help, cracks are already appearing -- yet another radio station has come to the conclusion that Beck's vitriol is bad for business.

With your immediate donation, we'll keep the pressure on through direct negotiations with station managers, online advertising zeroing in on stations that refuse to hold Beck accountable, and work with allied organizations to keep building the pressure higher and higher.

As we learned in the successful campaign to end Beck's reign on Fox News, an effort like this takes constant grassroots pressure over a sustained period of time.

Donate now to help Media Matters urge radio stations across the nation to drop Beck's hate-spewing rhetoric from their programming.

I know we can produce tangible consequences for Beck. But it's going to take time. And it's going to require people like you to make a personal decision that you won't let Glenn Beck dance away from the consequences of his irresponsible and indecent vitriol.

Please stand with us,

Matt Butler
President and CEO
Media Matters for America

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