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Republicans Seeking Election Remain Unsure About Embracing Tea Party
New York Times
By MICHAEL D. SHEAR WASHINGTON — The success of Tea Party-backed lawmakers in defining the terms of the debt debate in Washington has further cemented the party's identity as part of a conservative movement insistent on deep spending cuts, ...
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The tea party and the debt deal: Fiscal 'terrorists' or principled heroes?
Christian Science Monitor
Shrugging off unfavorable polls and harsh criticism from Biden and other Democrats, the tea party faithful take stock of their influence on Capitol Hill's debt deal and look ahead to the next battle. A man dressed as Captain America poses as dozens of ...
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Christian Science Monitor
Tea party Republicans grow fond of Boehner, maintain focus on 2012
Washington Post (blog)
By Scott Clement A majority of Republicans who agree with the tea party movement give House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) positive reviews for his role in debt negotiations in a new Washington Post-Pew Research Center poll. The speaker's high marks ...
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Freshmen Republicans help ensure that tea party's voice is heard
Washington Times
The one unifying theme: Most were freshman, newly elected with the support of the tea party movement, and showed no qualms about bucking their own party's leaders who wrote the deal. Gone are the days when new senators are seen but not heard. ...
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Washington Times
Jon Stewart Takes on the Tea Party
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By WSJ Staff Continuing his habit of lambasting the Tea Party, "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart took the members of the group to task on his show last night for their continued opposition to raising the federal debt ceiling. Stewart also took time to ...
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Tea Party senator unveils new PAC
The Hill
Mike Lee (R-Utah), a member of the Senate Tea Party Caucus, has established a new fundraising committee to support conservative candidates, and will not rule out challenging GOP incumbents. Lee on Tuesday unveiled his new leadership political action ...
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Matt Damon Rips Debt Deal, Republicans, Tea Party (VIDEO)
Huffington Post
He also took to task Republicans, the Tea Party and what he called the lack of shared sacrifice in both the economy and the just-passed debt ceiling bill. "I'm so disgusted," he told a reporter about the protracted negotiations. ...
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Bernie Goldberg on Far Left Calling Tea Party 'Terrorists'
Fox News
I imagine these Tea Party guys are like strapped with dynamite standing in the middle of Times Square at rush hour and saying either you do it my way or we are going to blow you up, ourselves up and the whole country up with us. ...
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Markey Stands Against Debt Plan, Rips Tea Party
"Rather than engaging in a sensible, bipartisan process, the inflexible, ideology-fueled Republican Party and its extreme Tea Party faction has forced the country into a choice that should never have been necessary." - Rep. Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts ...
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Geithner Swipes at Tea Party in Op-Ed
By Newsmax Wires Treasure Secretary Timothy Geithner took a swipe at the tea party in a Washington Post opinion piece posted after the debt-ceiling law was signed by President Barack Obama. "The agreement removes the threat of default and lowers the ...
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As Senate Votes, McConnell Declares Tea Party 'Won,' Reid says Tea ...
By ABCNews.com
ABC News' Sunlen Miller (@SunlenMiller) reports: As an indication of the role the Tea Party played in the debt debate and changed the conversation on Capitol Hill – the concluding remarks of Reid and McConnell, before the vote in the.
The Note
Study: Tea Party Supporters Followed Debt Ceiling News Most ...
By DAVID LIEBERMAN, Executive Editor
Congratulations, Tea Party. You got what you wanted. And good luck trying to retire at 65 with no Social Security, no Medicare and your 401(k) sucked dry by Wall Street. At least the rich get to keep their corporate jets. ...
The Ever Shrinking Tea Party | Mother Jones
By Kevin Drum
According to a recent poll, only 22% of Americans consider themselves tea party members or supporters, half the number of last November. And of that 22%, two-thirds supported a debt ceiling compromise and more than half thought it ...
Kevin Drum Feed | Mother Jones
Sessions: Tea Party put some "terror" in the hearts of big ...
By Tina Korbe
"I think the Tea Party movement represented a spontaneous American expression of shock and concern over the spending that was going on in Washington," Sessions says in the video. "We cannot possibly justify members of Congress borrowing ...
Hot Air » Top Picks
Tea Party Terrorists, Satan Sandwiches, Global Salvation, and the ...
By Peter Suderman
What? The debt limit showdown is almost over? How sad. What else will generate so much hyperbolic rhetoric from America's pundits and politicians? Sure,
Reason Magazine Full Feed

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Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh sued for $100000 in child support ...
Freshman Rep. Joe Walsh, who sharply lectures President Barack Obama on fiscal responsibility, owes more than $100000 in child support to his ex-wife and ...
Debt ceiling unity belies GOP tension with tea party - Jake ...
Debt ceiling unity belies GOP tension with tea party. 181. Email; Print. People attend a tea party rally on Capitol Hill. | AP Photo

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