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Conservative government to debate revamping Canada's copyright law
Vancouver Sun
If the latest incarnation of the bill is passed, as is expected now that the Conservatives hold the majority of seats in the House of Commons, the law will legalize everyday consumer practices, such as using a personal video recorder to record a TV ...
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PEI Conservatives play to sense of urban-rural divide
Globe and Mail
When Prince Edward Island's Conservatives accuse the governing Liberals of neglecting the province's small communities, the message hits home with Sandra Acorn. The resident of the village of Dundas is still angry that the consolidated school for her ...
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Globe and Mail
Weekly bin rounds could return in many areas after £250m fund set up
The Guardian
Photograph: John Giles/PA Councils are to be offered financial support to restore weekly rubbish collections as the Conservatives attempt to deliver on a party pledge made before they came to power. A £250m fund is being set up to help local ...
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The Guardian
A Conservative move to the Right is a recipe for Opposition
the Conservative conference will be defined by the question: "What do we need to do to win an overall majority in 2015?" The Daily Telegraph has teed up the debate by publishing excerpts from After The Coalition, an excellent book authored by five of ...
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Are Hudak and Horwath new BFFs?
Toronto Star
Vote splits on May 2 — especially in Ontario — helped propel Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives to a majority, leaving the Liberals in tatters and the NDP as the official opposition for the first time. The Hudak campaign hopes to replicate ...
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Rick Perry RSVPs for two conservative presidential forums in Iowa this fall
Rick Perry has committed to attending two presidential candidate forums hosted by conservative advocacy groups in Iowa this fall. Steve Scheffler, director of Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition and a member of the Republican National Committee. ...
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Recession threat demands 'immediate action,' NDP says
The Conservatives say they are sticking to the budget plan and that it is keeping Canada on track to create jobs and grow the economy. During the debate Thursday, Tory MP Shelly Glover said the government's plan will protect and create jobs, ...
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Romney: 'Individual mandate seen as conservative idea'
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
The Heritage Foundation, a great conservative think tank, helped on that. I'm told that Newt Gingrich was one of the very first people to come up with idea of the individual mandate — did that years and years ago. It was conceived — it was seen as a ...
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Bear-baiting: Conservatives bashed Russia to boost electoral support, says ...
Vancouver Sun
Russia's ambassador to Canada says the Conservatives bashed his country over such incidents prior to the recent election in order to whip up political support at home. OTTAWA — Russia's ambassador to Canada says the Conservatives intentionally ...
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Bachmann urges conservatives not to 'settle' at Liberty University
Minnesota Independent
The visit coincided with Bachmann's attempts to whip up her conservative Christian base in the face of flagging poll numbers. "Don't take your life, don't take this university, don't take the future of the most magnificent country that God has ever ...
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Some conservatives on Twitter OUTRAGED over Onion's Tweet Gag ...
By Jeff G.
Conservatives and classical liberals who often vociferously and demonstrably make a show of defending free speech would do well not to help institutionalize a highly politically-charged cultural dialogic that fosters an increasingly broad range ...
protein wisdom
Maine Conservatives Leading the Way on Welfare Reform
By Kevin Reagan
Proving they are serious about mitigating their citizens' dependence on government welfare programs, conservative members of Maine's state legislature.
The Foundry: Conservative Policy...
Are Neocons The Real Conservatives? - The Dish | By Andrew ...
By Andrew Sullivan
Nor is it in the face of an arguably lethal threat like Jacobinism that conservatives make them. In the 20th century, one finds a similar move in Hayek, arguing against not the totalitarianism of Stalin but the democratic socialism of Britain and ...
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

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