Monday, October 31, 2011

5000 Backlinks for Fast Link Building

Here's what your package contains:

    * You get over 1000 URLs for confirmed high Page Rank sites where you can get started immediately signing up, commenting and submitting backlinks to your sites
    * Over 1300 URLs to DoFollow forums and blogs where you can leave your links in profiles, comments and signatures as you participate
    * Over 2500 URLs where you can quickly and easily get high-value, coveted .EDU and .GOV backlinks to your sites and pages
    * Our Getting Started Guide walks you through the first steps to getting organized and getting your first set of backlinks out there within an hour or so of getting your backlink building package below
    * The Power-Tips Guide shows you dead-simple tactics and plugins for finding and submitting your links to just about any sites you want. This is the stuff the backlink pros use to sell you their expensive services, but you will soon have the insider knowledge to get unlimited backlinks for free!
    * Powerful daily action plans that make it easy for you to get at least 15 (or a LOT more...) links back to your sites in an hour or less per day. It's so easy you can outsource the work to your kids!


    * Plus: You get a free subscription to our monthly backlinks building lists where we send you 60+ fresh links every month for a whole year - No monthly fees - it comes automatically as part of your package
    * Along with the monthly lists, you get first dibs on numerous tools, tips, news and special offers for promoting your sites. This stuff is pure gold!

This is not some gimicky SEO-Fad-Of-The-Day stuff.

Sure, search engine algorithms change often, but the one thing that's remained constant and reliable in SEO over the years is that sites with a variety of high quality backlinks trump their competition in the SERPs. Period.

Every single quality inbound link you get to your sites and pages is an asset, and this package contains over 4000 potential assets, plus the tools and knowledge to get an unlimited supply of those assets with just a few hours work every month. Heck, if you don't have the time or inclination to do this yourself, outsource all your link building to someone else. Just send them the lists in the package along with the details about which of your pages you want better search rankings for.
OK, we won't waste your time any longer...


You get everything mentioned above for a one-time investment of only $97. That's it. You get it all at once - no monthly subscription payments, no waiting forever for your stuff, no having to remember passwords for some membership site to get your links and no jumping through hoops or complicated BS.

In fact, if you look at some of the other packages of backlinks people out there are selling - the ones that cost about $100 per year for like 30 links a month and a screenshot-bloated PDF, you can easily see the tremendous value we're offering here.

Just the one year free subscription of 60+ fresh links per month alone is easily worth your one-time $97 investment!
...And we haven't even told you about the Instant Indexing Guide yet!

After you've ordered and downloaded your backlinks building package below, unzip it and immediately open the Instant Indexing Guide in the 5000 Backlinks folder. Then open a plain-text editor and a browser window. Follow the quick and easy instructions. Within 15-20 minutes you will have set the stage for getting at least 20 powerful inbound links to your site and it will be indexed in Google in a few days, guaranteed.

But don't sit there and wait! Move on to the Quick Start Guide right away. It will walk you through what you can do to get a minimum of 15 brand new inbound links to your sites and pages every day... in about an hour or less. But with a package this huge and powerful, why stop at just 15 links a day, right?

Click the order link below now. You will be taken to ClickBank, our payment processor, where you can pay with your credit card. After completing the order process, you will be redirected to a page on this site where you enter your info to get your 12 monthly updates of fresh links. Then it's on to a page with a big blue link. Click that link to download your package.


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