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How Can Colouring Activity Build Your Kids Creativity And Character

Written By Samar Ibrahim

There would be no child who has never doodled anything. We all grew up in similar way. We grew up doodling on the walls, floors, papers and anything else we could find. Colouring activities have an immense value in our life. It taught us a lot of things that we would otherwise have failed to realize. How can colouring activity build your kids creativity and character? 

Similarly, the colouring activities that we engage our kids in will certainly improve their lives as well. Colouring activities help our kids to engage both left brain and the right brain. This in turn helps to build the creativity, practicality and character in your kid. 

Creativity refers to a trait that takes its birth from the right side of the brain and helps us make associations and build something out of nothing. It could be thoughts, things or anything. The physicality of our existence such as walking, talking, and writing are all guided and noted by our left brain. When we engage in colouring activities, creativity is at its best because we are using both our right and the left brain.

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We use our left brain to help us figure out the exact shape and structure of the drawing and to determine the perimeters that we should give colour to. This helps a child to strengthen his pincer point and at the same time know his boundaries. 

We engage our right brain when we actually draw the intended or unintended thing on the paper and give decide various colours and hues to give it to bring the picture to life. Even when kids doodle, they are trying to imitate something they normally see in their environment. They could just draw a crooked line and tell you that it is a rainbow! 

That picture or doodle may be far from what a rainbow actually looks like. However, you need to realise that your kid is actually trying to draw a rainbow! This shows that he is observing his environment and trying to portray it in his doodles. 

If your kid already knows how to do a proper drawing, or if you happen to buy a pre-drawn colouring book, you can see the creativity in your kid when he gives it colour. The choice of colours would tell you a lot about his likes and dislikes. Also, it will show you how observant he is of his environment. If he gives the leaf a brown colour, you could be sure he is very observant as he could have seen a dried leaf somewhere. If he paints it blue, you could speak with him why he did that and you will be able to get a reason why he did so.

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Colouring activities also help to incorporate certain characteristics in a kid. It teaches patience, attention to detail, moods, focus etc. A lot of discipline is needed when colouring and this helps to translate that discipline in other aspects of life as well. Moreover, colouring gives a venue for the child to learn to express his innermost feelings. This will definitely help him to develop communication skills in his daily life

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