Monday, October 31, 2011

Access The 'Back-Door' Of Your Mind

Are you still smoking, overweight, low on energy, unable to find that special someone?...

Are you overworked and underpaid, stressed out all the time, or cursed with little self confidence?...
What if I told you there was a way you could solve these problems (and more) with only a click of one button, sitting right there in front of your computer, would you be interested?

Imagine with me for a moment you are having some problem in your life, whether it's an addiction to food or drugs, depression over the loss of a loved one, financial insecurity, whatever it might be...

Now here you are sitting down at your computer. You flip the switch on a little piece of software, pinpoint the exact change you want to make in your life, then you hit the "start" button.

That's it.

From that point forward, you work on your computer as you always have and in the background that software is silently running, causing you to magically change for the better, working on the specific problem area you want to change most -- then changing it for you without you lifting a finger.

Sounds too good to be true, I realize. But before you go clicking the "back" button, let me assure you this is not some fairy tale. This software is the real deal, and if you'll open your mind with me for the next few minutes I will show you how it can work for you just like it's worked for countless others.

  I was skeptical just like you once, but my problems far outweighed my doubt...
Just a few short years ago, I was winning at life. I had a healthy daily routine which involved exercise and eating right, along with a fulfilling career.

One tragic life event later and I'm looking in the mirror at an overweight, pack and a half per day smoker with little confidence who's not so thrilled with his life anymore.

I desperately needed a change.

So I started searching the Internet and buying up all the "self help" material I could find, but each "method" I tried ended with little or no results.

Throughout my trials and frustrations I learned some important facts:

Each cigarette I smoked reduced my life by an average of 11 minutes!

Over HALF of long-term smokers will die a tobacco related death!

Over 70% of Cardiovascular disease is directly related to obesity!

Stress is the #1 KILLER of middle-aged adults!

To my despair, I realized I was headed down a dark and destructive path. But instead of turning to cigarettes and food to ease my pain, I made a vow to change.

They say when we make a true commitment the right people, places, and events fall magically into place, and that's exactly what happened for me.


Fast forward a few months later and I was given the privilege to learn about hypno-therapy and the power of the subconscience mind. Over the weeks to come I learned ways to program myself and my thinking that resulted in dramatic positive change across every aspect of my entire life.

First and foremost I was able to quit smoking. I lost over 60 pounds and I was exercising again. I was in a new and exciting relationship, my career was taking off, things couldn't have been better.

From the outside looking in, life was a box of chocolates. But for some reason I still wasn't completely happy and fulfilled. It's as though no matter how hard I tried, there was still something missing.

Then it hit me. In order for me to truly be happy, I had to reach out and help other people, giving back all that I had learned. For once in my life I was on a mission:

To create the ultimate program that would entwine the mystery of hypno-therapy and the power of the subconscience mind in such a
way that ANYONE truly could change ANY area of their life...
...once and for all -- with no gimmicks, just results!

And that's what I did.

But unlike "therapy", I am talking about a different approach to therapy, a backdoor to the mind...

Allow me to introduce the Hypno-Doctor and how this simple program can bypass the conscious mind and DIRECTLY ACCESS the subconscious mind with ...Subliminal Technology!!!
Like magic you will easily be able to:

      Learn how you can quit smoking and lose weight at the same time.

      Dramatically increase your energy level without using harmful drugs.

      Short circuit any craving you're having...chocolate, cigarettes, doesn't matter!

      Discover insider secrets to creating financial freedom for yourself and your family.

      Get more dates than ever before without even trying.

      Quickly melt away stress and enjoy life, effortlessly, watch it disappear.

      Become the smartest person you know by increasing your IQ up to 20 points.

      Discover how happy married couples stay connected to each other on a new level.

      Learn how to double your productivity by cutting your study time in half.

      Have "the best" night's sleep you've ever experienced, waking up more revitalized.

      Finally have peace of mind by silencing the inner voice of negativity.

      Make one tiny little change that can help you regain control of your life.


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