Monday, October 31, 2011

Aion Mastery

During that time, I learned one very important thing – this game isn't like other MMOs. It's rougher, tougher, more ruthless with your time. You could spend hours and hours grinding your way up just one level.

So, instead of dragging my knuckles like a newbie, I started taking notes. I started recording videos and watching my gameplay carefully. I did it all with an eye for speed and riches and let me tell you what – you're not going to believe the secrets I was unable to unlock.

Hours and hours of game play into Aion, I was blasting through levels like an old pro. I was bringing in MILLIONS of Kinah with my eyes closed and I wasn't playing 20 hours a day to do it. When that Open Beta hit, I was Level 30 in 3 days flat. When the game hit the store shelves, I was at Level 50 days before my next competitor. Then I booted up an Elyos alt and did it all over again, just because I could.

Everyone has seen the other guides on the Internet promising to get you to level 50 in some ridiculous time like 4 days. It's not going to happen. The game isn't built like that. It takes time and energy and a whole lot of planning to get anywhere.

But, you'd better know exactly which quests to do in which order and which professions are going to get you some cold hard Kinah if you're serious about creating the ultimate Aion Account. That's what I've done. I've gone through and broken this game down into its most basic, core components.


Forget grinding mindlessly from Level 15 to 50. I have created the perfect leveling guide to help you reach level 50 in as little time as possible. Forget about scraping along with only a couple thousand Kinah in your cube. I've created a walkthrough guide that will show you how to craft, what to make and what to farm to get as much Kinah as possible by the time you reach level 50.

There is no other guide on the Internet like Aion Mastery because I've put everything together into one streamlined approach. You don't just get Elyos leveling. You don't just get Asmodian leveling. You get a complete leveling guide for both races as well as a full Kinah making guide that will launch you to millionaire status before you realize what's happened.

Aion Mastery Broken Down. . .

Not sure if Aion Mastery is what you need? Just take a look at the ridiculous volume of content I'm offering today – and this is growing all the time!

    Reach Level 50 as an Elyos in Record Time with a Complete Leveling Guide

    Reach Level 50 as an Asmodian in Record Time with a Complete Leveling Guide

    Detailed Crafting Strategies Help you Choose the Right Craft and Get Started Fast

    Learn which Items are Worth Big Kinah When You Hit Level 50

    Find the Best Named Mobs throughout the Game with the Aion Mastery Hunting List

    Destroy Your Competition with In-Game Tips Littered Throughout the Leveling Guide. Never Get Confused by the Numerous Game Components of Aion!

    Free Premium Updates of the Guide! When Aion Online Patched or Updated, So is Aion Mastery.

Currently, the leveling guides are updated to Level 40, but will be upgraded very soon to reach Level 50. New Kinah making tips are being added constantly as well to provide top quality strategies you won't find anywhere else.



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