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Are You Destined For 8 Years Of Poor Health

Are You Destined For 8 Years Of Poor Health & Misery?
The Answer Might Surprise (And Scare) You...

2,900 Or More Days Of Misery In Your Future?!
But did you know that today's people have an average  healthy life expectancy of just 67 years?  In other words, this  is saying that you can expect 8 years of your life in poor health.  8 years!  That's 2,900+ days of poor health.  I don't  know about you, but that's not something I'm looking forward to. I sure think we can do better than 67 years of good health on this planet.  And you know what?  We can.

This number is an  average.  Like anything else, you don't have to be average if  you don't want to be.  The average person doesn't exercise  properly, if at all.  The average person doesn't know how to  make the right foods selections and maintain a healthy diet.  The average person doesn't apply themselves mentally and  emotionally to maintain relatively stress free living.
If this sounds a little bit too much like you, the good news is  you don't have to be this person any longer.  While it is a  shame that today's health, fitness, and diet industry is simply  confusing more people than it's helping, there are a few people  and organizations out there that can provide a realistic, effective and efficient approach to breaking past the average  healthy life span and living those years full of energy,  strength, and vitality.
I get questions from my Fat Burning Furnace newsletter and system readers all the  time, after going through the FBF materials, about how they  can't believe how little exercise is involved.  And even though  I've told them up front that they can let go of the aerobics or traditional cardio because of how powerful the FBF exercise really is, many still have trouble doing that.  
And what I tell them is directly related to the subject of life  expectancy and just how much time we really have in our lives. I tell them that having a lean, strong, and healthy body is great.  It's one of the most important things we can attain.  Period.  But, how much time is it worth to you?  That's the  question I asked myself over and over when seeking out my own  methods and developing the FBF methods.
Most people, after years and years of trial and error, come to  realize that spending several days and hours a week working out  is just not worth the trouble.  And carefully measuring your  food, counting calories, and depriving yourself of nutrient rich  foods like whole grain carbohydrates is also something that  shouldn't be necessary to enjoy a healthy and energy filled  life.  And it isn't.
How Much Time & Effort Is Minimally Required?
What we really should be focusing on is how much time and effort  is minimally required to get the results we're looking for.  Think about that.  Not how much, but how much is minimally required.  Remember, we've got just 67 healthy years as a starting point...If I valued my time on this planet, this is what I would be searching for.
If it really took hours and hours a week and all of that crazy  nutrition manipulation to burn fat, build muscle, strength, and cardiovascular health, I'm not sure I'd do it.  Not for very  long anyway.  I've tried that approach, for years, and if you  have you know it's no fun.  And it's just not realistic given  the demands our lives place on us in today's world.
But as I've mentioned before, you don't have to worry about that  kind of stuff anymore.  The principles in my FBF system allow  you to approach your genetic potential for a lean, strong, and healthy body in just minutes each week and with very simple  lifestyle changes.
Just 45 Minutes A Week...While Eating Delicious Foods?
My wife Kalen and I have been using the FBF principles for a few years now.  We work out  twice each week.  We even take a week off entirely every few  weeks or so.  We don't count calories.  We don't deprive ourselves of  the foods we love.  If it's our daughter's birthday, we enjoy some cake and ice cream .  We just work the FBF principles and continue to stay in  great shape day after day, week after week, year after year.
We work out so little because of the way the workouts are performed and created, and we eat with such flexibility because we stick with the FBF lifestyle, which gives you the power of  flexibility and variation that is lacking in most programs.
What I'm saying is that I've discovered what is minimally required to give me the health and body that I wanted.  And thousands  of my FBF students are doing it as well.  Sure I could add another day a week to my workouts, but at this point it would  actually be detrimental to my results.  I could also start  messing with my diet in all sorts of crazy ways, but that would just make my body angry and cause me unneeded stress.
So, I ask you, are you trying to find what's minimally required to get you the results you want?  If you truly value your time and the other worthy pursuits in your life, I'm suggesting that this is exactly what you should be doing.  If you don't, you may just end up being an average 67 year old with 8 years of poor health to look forward to.
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