Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Benefits of Green Solar Energy

To truly understand the benefits of green solar energy, you must first understand how solar energy is harnessed.  There are two types of green solar energy-thermal and light.  Thermal energy is considered passive solar.  This type of green solar energy is harnessed through the design and materials used to construct a building.  By integrating south facing windows and materials that retain heat, like brick and stone, you can lower your energy needs and build an energy efficient structure.  The thermal energy produced by green solar energy is also used to heat water for solar hot water systems.  The rays of the sun also produce light and radiation that can be captured by solar panels to create electricity. 

The most popular use of green solar energy is for saving money.  Although green solar energy systems can come with a large initial investment, they generally pay for themselves in a few years by providing either supplemental electricity or all of the electricity to your home or business.  Building your own solar panels, participating in government refunds and net metering, in which you sell unused electricity back to the power company, can reduce the cost of implementing a green solar energy system.  In addition, green solar energy systems require little to no maintenance after installation, as most have no moving parts.

The most important benefit of utilizing green solar energy is completely environmental.  With polar ice caps dwindling away and climate changes creating tragic storms world wide, it is increasingly obvious that steps must be taken to decrease global warming and our dependence on fossil fuels.  Green solar energy provides a clean energy alternative as it creates little pollution and does not contribute to global warming. 

Green solar energy systems can be used by homes and businesses alike.  If going solar cannot meet all of your energy needs, it can certainly reduce them.  Utilizing green solar energy can save you money, but it's greatest benefit is to the environment and our future.






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