Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cataclysm Gold Hot Spots

Right now, World of Warcraft has just undergone a major upheaval. Not only are there five new zones filled with profitable end-game content, but every zone from Level 1-60 has been completely overhauled too, leaving players with dozens of new places and methods to farm for gold. So, if you're looking for a way to make a profit on the fly, you need a strategy to help you get there. Here are some hot spots along the path.

Twilight Highlands Farming

First up is the big daddy of Cataclysm farming – Twilight Highlands. Once you reach Level 85 and finish the quest chains here, you'll be able to access pretty much anything you need in this one zone. You will find Volatile Fire outside the Bastion of Twilight as well as just west of the Maw of Madness, Volatile Earth east of Thundermar, and Volatile Water north of the Bastion of Twilight and west of Dragonmaw Port. You will also find a lot of Embersilk drop spots in the Dunward Ruins and near the Elementium Depths. Finally, there are Highland Elk here who drop Savage Leather at higher than normal percentages.

Old World Overhauls

Don't forget too that the old world zones from Vanilla WoW have been overhauled completely, leaving a number of new hot spots for farming. Zul'Farrak can be flown over now and farmed for mageweave and silk cloth with ease. You'll also find some good drops in the newly revamped Feralas, as well as in Desolace's newly populated greenlands.

Building Your Ore Stock

The most obvious way to make gold in any expansion is by loading up on the new ores for mining. In Cataclysm, you will find Elementium and Obsidium Ore littered throughout the starting zones and Pyrium Ore along the rock walls and near the instance entrances of Twilight Highlands. If you're in Uldum, make sure to farm on Whiptail too as it is very much available in the areas around the river
You should also watch out for the lower than average population in Vashj'ir. While nowhere near empty, it is far less populated as a starting spot at 80 than Mount Hyjal and since players only need to choose one, it is a good option for gold farmers. Of course, that may change depending on your server population so make sure to check first.

If you like making gold, Cataclysm brought more methods than players have seen in a very long time. That should make you extremely excited so make sure to sit down, build your strategies and start farming. It's time to get rich.





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