Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Does the Auction House Really Work Better than Farming?

You've probably heard rumors that the best way to make gold in World of Warcraft is to ditch all those tired old farming methods and load up on tips for the auction house. But, is that really true and if so what does the auction house require to be successful? After all, just throwing money at it probably won't convert to a whole lot of profit unless you get really lucky.

The Truth about the Auction House

To put it simply, yes the auction house is more profitable than farming…WAY more profitable. Let's put it this way. The most possible gold you will ever make in World of Warcraft from farming is roughly 1,200 gold an hour and that's if the servers are empty the prices are up and you're able to speed through high end zones at level 85 while farming.

But on the auction house, you can make 2,000 gold or more in a single trade if you find a good deal. Players who spend 1-2 hours a day looking for good deals are able to flip profits of 1,000% or more and never really get stuck farming.

Prepping for Auction House Use

To take advantage of these massive gold making opportunities you must first get some add-ons in place that will help gather data about the prices on your server. Auctioneer and Market Watcher are both good starts, while Postal can help you speed up the banking process. Once you've done that, scan the auction house daily to gather data and build your database. This will be used to help you generate long term profit potential from throughout the game's interface.

Making a TON of Gold

If you want to make a LOT of gold, you need to sit down and really learn how this thing works. That means measuring patch intervals, watching for major shifts in market consumption, working through faction trading in the Neutral Auction House and more. It's not just a single point and click activity. If it was, we'd all be rich.

If you want to make a few gold to cover your consumables and a few upgrades, farming will do just fine alongside your dailies. But, if you want to make so much gold that every player on the server will follow you around asking for tips, you need a head start and that will only come from the Auction House. So start building your strategies and look toward the future where massive profits are waiting for you.





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