Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ginsu Knife creator reveals how he made millions


The man who gave the Ginsu Knife to America is now revealing his secrets of 45 years….

Secrets to finding ideas for hot TV products, getting them financed, and promoted on nationwide TV.

One Idea Can Make $1,000,000 and he has done it….

I am lucky enough to have been asked to take part in the promotion of Michael Walshe's book set – One Idea Can Make $1,000,000 - that reveals the secrets of the "As Seen On TV" business.  Now, this is not academic data or the theory found in textbooks.

Within the pages of his books Michael makes good on his promise to show us, in a clear and straightforward manner, how to go about making money in this currently hot segment of the TV promotions industry.  Yes, even in these tough economic times this is a business area that is truly buzzing to the sound of dollar bills.

Michael shows us:

Foolproof approaches to finding ideas for hot TV products

How to brand products for maximum sales impact

How to get them financed and promoted on nationwide TV

What it takes to create the amazing demos seen in TV spots

Most important, he provides his formula for developing a successful As Seen On TV product

And, here's the big one, for most of us, he reveals valuable industry contacts, resources and more....

This is all from 45 years of experience – he was in at the start of the As Seen On TV industry, which is now a multi-billion business.

The information on how to make money from ideas and products comes directly from Michael's experiences and he gives a specific direction in a clear, detailed way.

The part I like is that Michael Walshe is a regular guy who turned ideas into millions. As he, very candidly, says; "I've been down on my luck - up on my luck - hundreds of thousands in debt - even homeless and living in a truck. Ideas and products changed my life and made me millions".

Now he shows you how, so here is your opportunity to get started right now.


Get Your Copy Now

Read every word of Michael's information – it's easy to follow and you won't want to put it down. As you make your way through the pages you will feel yourself getting closer to success.

Grab Michael's books now...

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