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A day to inspire all Tunisians – whether Islamic or secular
The Guardian (blog)
We have long advocated democracy within the mainstream trend of political Islam, which we feel is the best system that protects against injustice and authoritarianism. In addition, it provides institutions and mechanisms to guarantee personal and ...
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The Guardian (blog)
Sufi clerics issue call to reject hardline Wahabis
Times of India
NEW DELHI: A prominent organization of Sunni clerics has urged Muslims to reject hardline Wahabi Islam, which it said was giving the community a bad name, and called for limiting the influence of Saudi Arabia, which it blamed for meddling in the ...
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Iran will not retreat an inch under pressure: Leader
Tehran Times
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei also said the enemies are trying to create division among the Iranian people in order to prevent the Islamic Republic from serving as a model for other nations. "The main purpose of enemies' attempts to create division is ...
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Culture: Learning about Islam in the Maldives
Egyptian Gazette
Islam came to the Maldive islands in the twelfth century. It was another of those countries never approached by Muslim armies, but by traders from the Arab world. Their example eventually led the whole population to embrace Islam. ...
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Moran's questionable CAIR decision
Washington Times
Upon hearing my distress, the staff person in Mr. Moran's office was quite condescending and tried to placate me with the pronouncement that "Islam is a religion of peace and Congressman Moran is reaching out to our Islamic neighbors to discuss freedom ...
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Washington Times
OC offers lecture series on Islam
Edmond Sun
EDMOND — The Graduate School of Theology at Oklahoma Christian University is hosting a series of five lectures entitled "Understanding Islam in Today's World." OC missions professor Robert Carpenter will speak at the first four sessions. ...
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Anti-apostasy rally aims to sow tension
Malaysia Kini
Armageddon: Islam ask us to fight back if our existence is in jeopardy but I don't think Islam encourages us to start a fight with no valid reason. The Christians already know it is against the law trying to convert Muslims to other religions. ...
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Expert on Contemporary Islam speaking at Xavier University
By Amber Jenkins - email The leading international expert of contemporary Islam will be speaking at a lecture at Xavier University. On Friday, October 21, Pakistani Ambassador Akbar Ahmed will explore the contemporary issues facing Muslims in America; ...
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Resolving Europe's Other Existential Problem
New York Times
Mr. Kepel insisted that engagement in Islam was a response to, not the cause of, the community's seeming alienation. But in talking to a French reporter about his work 25 years ago, Mr. Kepel also said: "You could think then that the religious ...
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Redmond-based Together Center Announces New Board Members
Together Center announced it has added Mahbubul Islam and Chandra Roussell to its Board of Directors. Chandra Roussell is Branch Manager and Assistant Vice President for the Redmond Branch of The Bank of Washington. A resident of Kirkland, ...
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Political Scientist Gilles Kepel notes that French suburbs turning ...
By Euro-Islam
News Agencies – October 6, 2011. Local communities in France's immigrant suburbs increasingly organize themselves on Islamic lines rather than following the values of the secular republic, according to a major new sociological study by ...
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IslamOnline, Islamic News, Islamic Finance and Business - Arab ...
CAIRO - The Arab League has failed to overcome divisions on suspending Syria\' s membership to the pan-Arab body over its bloody crackdown on protesters, ...

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