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Arab Spring, Islamic Harvest: Tunisia Goes to the Polls
Huffington Post
Now suddenly Tunisia's formerly outlawed Islamic Party Ennahda (it has dropped the designation "Islamist"), has won a plurality in the elections to the Constituent Assembly on October 23. It obtained 41.7 percent of the votes and 90 seats in the ...
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Serbian police crack down on Islamic group
In light of the recent attack in Sarajevo and the possible connection to Islamic organizations in the Sandzak region of Serbia, Milorad Veljovic, Serbian Police Director, said the situation was under control and that there was no reason to fear ...
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Islam or Islamist?
National Review Online
Islam or Islamist? That is the question. Is the term "Islamist" a politically incorrect fabrication to dodge the inconvenient truth that Islam itself is inherently and inevitably chauvinistic and totalitarian? Or is it a necessary distinction to draw: ...
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Press Assembly of Islamic World opens in Tehran
Tehran Times
TEHRAN – the Press Assembly of Islamic World was inaugurated here on Saturday at Tehran's Laleh Hotel. Managing directors of the Islamic press from 38 countries as well as managers of Iranian media took part in the program attended by the Minister of ...
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New York's Met to Display Islamic Treasures
Fars News Agency
"I think that what these galleries provide is a much better understanding of the complexity and also the interconnection between different cultures within Islamic art," said curator Mechthild Baumeister. "If you think about the art in these galleries, ...
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Fars News Agency
Promoting understanding at open house at Islamic Center
Wicked Local
By Sabah Malek With a steady stream of people walking throughout the day, the Islamic Center of Boston in Wayland opened its doors on a recent Saturday for an open house aimed to clear misconceptions about Islam. Community outreach has always been an ...
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China clarifies terrorism definition in hopes of winning international backing
Washington Post
Beijing has also restricted the practice of Islam and bandied the terrorist label against the Dalai Lama and supporters of the Tibetan Buddhist leader who oppose Chinese rule. In a measure of its uneasiness with Beijing, the US government refused to ...
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Immigrant faiths, U.S. change each other | Philadelphia Inquirer | 2011-10-30
Philadelphia Inquirer
I believe this is good for Islam. As I have watched Islam grow and change in this country since I arrived here 46 years ago, I have pondered the experience of previous immigrant faith groups as a guide to the future of American Muslims. ...
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European Parliament Passes Resolution Calling for Protection of Christians in ...
Christian Post
Reports have revealed how young Christian girls in the country have been kidnapped from their families and physically threatened to force their conversion to Islam. The European resolution also adds that Egyptian authorities must bring an end to ...
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Christian Post

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