Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Progressives need a rural strategy
Straight Goods
Perhaps a Harper/Kenney-style approach that worked so well for the Conservatives with ethnic politics is what progressives need to become relevant in rural politics and quit writing off so many seats. As a rural dweller who formerly had Liberal members ...
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But will they primary anyone?
The Economist (blog)
If progressives aim to show they are a force to be reckoned with and to push the Democratic Party to the left, as my colleague wrote last week, the best way to do that would be to back progressive primary challenges, and in that case they should be ...
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Beware Malthusians posing as progressives
In fact, if anything they're worse, since they pose as progressives who want to protect Africans and Asians from the hectoring of white population scaremongers yet at the same time they promote the central tenets of the Malthusian outlook. ...
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Property Taxes: Something the Left and Right Can Agree On
This adds an additional layer of anti-tax politics for progressives to contend with. Having to cut a check instead of paying alongside your purchases makes paying taxes more psychologically painful than it needs to be. The property assessment process ...
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Commissioners Vote Against Doing Things 'Progressively'
Southern Pines Pilot
Without progressives, we would still be driving buggies and communicating by hollering down the road. But Nick says he has nothing against being progressive. After all, he is something of a computer software tycoon himself. ...
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Five Reasons the Occupy Wall Street Movement Really Frightens the Right
Huffington Post
That is great news for Progressives. The longer it continues, the better. Right Wing pundits have disparaged the Occupy Wall Street movement for not having specific "policy proposals" - but the Right knows better. The Occupy Wall Street movement is ...
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Occupy Phoenix gaining momentum for weekend
From the Big Apple to Phoenix, Progressives are infuriated with the corporate world and the rich charlatans than run it. That's why the movement is coming to Phoenix this weekend, starting on Friday with a "pre-occupation" march that will proceed south ...
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STOSSEL: Our Government Doesn't Create Jobs, It Kills Them
Fox News (blog)
Progressives used to complain that to build the railroad, bosses abused Chinese workers -- called them "coolies" and treated them badly. Now this is big success? I guess Obama doesn't know that the transcontinental railroad was a Solyndra-like Big ...
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Fox News (blog)
Letter: ID law hinders student vote
Daily Cardinal
Thanks to quick student mobilization and action, largely by the cooperative organization Save the Student Voice: Stop SB6—composed of The Young Progressives, College Democrats and other UW student orgs—a form of student ID cards were included in the ...
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Mockery and Progressives « Modeled Behavior
I assume he knows what he is doing, which tells me that progressives respond to mockery far different than does the rest of the population. Here I am including, ...

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