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Occupy Wall Street is no tea party
The media chorus is singing a new song this week in its anti-tea party echo chamber. It goes something like this: The law-breaking anarchists who want to tear America down are somehow just like law-abiding tea partiers — who are working tirelessly to ...
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Is the Tea Party a Religious Movement? 'Anthem' Invokes God, Judgment Day
ABC News (blog)
If there's an anthem for the Tea Party, it's Krista Branch's song "I am America," her fans say. Its call for freedom and accountability has made Branch a hit in conservative circles, but the song's religious theme has been more attention-grabbing. ...
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ABC News (blog)
Chicago Tea Party Patriot Meets With Occupy Chicago Protesters
MyFox Chicago
By Mike Flannery, FOX Chicago News Political Editor Chicago - President Obama said on Tuesday that the "Occupy" protests sweeping across the country have a lot in common with the Tea Party. He said both movements are full of people who feel separated ...
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Another actor, another baseless tea party racism claim
Daily Caller
By Matt Kibbe There must be some sort of contest among actors to see who can level the most offensive charge against the tea party. Sean Penn tossed his hat in the ring over the weekend, calling the tea party "the 'Get the N-word out of the White House ...
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Tea Party buys in to trade
The Hill
The 89 House Republicans new to Congress this year — many of whom were backed by the Tea Party — were courted by both sides of the debate over the long-stalled trade deals with Colombia, Panama and South Korea. With their views on trade relatively ...
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Sugar Land hotel forces Tea Party to move controversial event
Houston Chronicle (blog)
(AP) The Sugar Land Tea Party was forced to move an event featuring a prominent critic of radical Islam after Hyatt Place learned of opponents' plans to protest it. The hotel, where activist Pamela Geller was going to address the crowd and sign copies ...
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Houston Chronicle (blog)
Two Tea Partiers Sue Tea Party Patriot Founders For Facebook Defamation
Two tea partiers have sued the founders of the Tea Party Patriots for defamation, alleging that they posted false information about one being a child molester and the other being a victim of rape and child molestation, under the Facebook alias "Dale ...
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Tea Party Not Serious About Entitlement Reform
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
Via National Review's David French, here's a New York Times report on a 40000-member Tea Party "commission" on reducing the federal budget deficit. The most popular idea, supported by 93 percent, was repealing what the site referred to as "Obamacare," ...
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Chris Christie: OWS and the tea party come from the same ...
By Allahpundit
Chris Christie: OWS and the tea party come from the same perspective but want different solutions.
Hot Air » Top Picks
The Tea Party's Hatfield and McCoys | Mother Jones
By Stephanie Mencimer
Amy Kremer is the co-chair of the Tea Party Express, a fairly successful tea party enterprise created by a couple of California GOP political consultants. Jenny Beth Martin is a co-coordinator of Tea Party Patriots, a large tea party umbrella ...
Mojo Feed | Mother Jones
TEA Party vs Flea Party | Tea Party Tribune - Tea Party & Political ...
By Anthony James
Now hold that picture of The TEA Party up next to the one of the drugged out hippie with his pants around his knees in the middle of the street, crapping on a police car. Or the two wasteoids lying on the sidewalk wrapped in a sleeping bag ...
Tea Party Tribune - Tea Party...
Tea Party responds to Sean Penn's 'racist' statements | PopWatch ...
By Kate Ward
Sean Penn may have a bigger foe than Mr. Hand in the Tea Party, but, still, a rep for the conservative movement is still willing to sit down and share a pizz...
The Tea Party's Debt Commission | Mother Jones
By Stephanie Mencimer
The tea party-associated group Freedomworks, which is headed up by former House Minority Leader Dick Armey, has created its own "Tea Party Debt Commission," the New York Times reports. Freedomworks' commission held a series of ...
Mojo Feed | Mother Jones

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Romney's rise challenges tea party's clout in GOP - Yahoo! News
Read 'Romney's rise challenges tea party's clout in GOP' on Yahoo! News. Mitt Romney's early success in the Republican presidential race is challenging the ...

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