Monday, October 24, 2011

How To Build Muscle And Gain Weight Quickly Part 2

Do you mind if I be frank and ask you a honest question? If you had to transform your body which required you to know how to build muscle and gain weight quickly, and you only had a few weeks, could you step up to the challenge?

Let's say your wanted to enter a fitness model or beginner bodybuilding competition? Perhaps you want to be considered he 'buffest' guy in your gym? If you get starred at because your physique stands out in the crowd than click away because your probably already know how to build muscle and gain weight quickly.

However if you are the guy on the other extreme and receive surprised looks when you tell people you work out with weights, don't look any different than any body else in your gym and have never been approached for advice than please read this article carefully because this is your next step to building muscle and gaining weight quickly!

'Hardgainer' - Dump the title!

As soon as you start labeling yourself as a 'hard gainer' don't be surprised when your results come to a screeching halt.

This single word has more power to sabotage your potential for a muscular physique before you even begin training. Keep calling yourself a 'hard gainer' and don't be surprised if you continue to waste your time, effort, and money.

If you're lucky maybe you will build 3 - 5 pounds of muscle a year...

I have no problem with the term 'hard gainer' except for what happens when people label themselves to be so-called 'hard gainers.' Sure you might be a 'hard gainer' but I think most skinny guys believe they are actually 'no gainers.'

'Hard gainers' do exist but THERE IS NO SUCH THING as a 'NO GAINER!'

You might think you are a 'hard gainer' because you have trained your butt off for a few years, you eat the right foods, take all the latest supplements and yet still get a surprised look when you tell people you work out!

I don't know anybody that does not have the ability to put on slabs of muscle in record time. I have proven every client dead wrong who perceived themselves as a 'hard gainer.' This term is just a poor excuse.

Plain and simple: excuses are for the weak. It's easy to point the blame when your workouts are inconsistent, your training is sub-maximal and you indulge in a undisciplined social lifestyle. How convenient to shift the blame from yourself to a convenient label.

But it's easier telling everyone that you are a 'hard gainer.' Right?

This term is a great disguise for skinny guys who will never reach their true genetic potential. Instead of taking responsibility for your actions, it's a lot easier to pull out the 'hard gainer' card and flash it to everyone. It sits by your driver's license and has become a part of your identity.



The deadliest mindset in the world.

Consider this. It's like saying, "I can't afford it." This should be considered a deadly statement because it forces your brain to stop working and reinforces a false perception of your true abilities. Instead you should say, "How can I afford it?" By constantly saying, "How can I afford it" or "I can afford it," you will reinforce a new perception of yourself - you will no longer think of yourself as poor, but as a rich person.

If you examine these two statements, you will see that "How can I afford it?" opens your mind to examining the possibilities of accumulating wealth. "I can't afford it," on the other hand, closes your mind to any possibility of attaining what you desire.

Let's make this example practical now. By simply being aware of the words you use, you can self-detect your self-perceptions. By changing your words, you can begin to change your self-perceptions - if you choose. So by simply reminding yourself to say, "There is no such thing as a 'hard gainer'" you will be able to bring out the muscular person inside of you. By saying, "I am a hard gainer" you are reinforcing the small and weak person who was already there.

Do you truly think that you can casually or unintentionally build muscle and gain weight quickly?

No way! Do you really think deep down that if you believe you are a hard gainer and a muscular physique is out of your limits, that you will ever achieve any significant results? I'm not talking 3 or 5 pounds of muscle a year. I'm talking about 20-50 pounds of massive muscle. Of course not. Every trip to the gym, every set, every meal, every shake you gulp down will be snuffed out because the beliefs in your mind have sentenced you to a life of smallness.

The very first step you must take before you read any of the training or nutrition content of this book is DITCH THE TITLE. Stop labeling yourself and start thinking of yourself as a 'untapped reservoir with explosive muscular strength.'

Many personal development coaches stress the principle, 'you get what you focus on.' Therefore if you focus on being small, you will be small. Focus on being big and muscular and this will direct your mind and actions to the things you must do to become just that. All actions come from your beliefs and if you truly don't believe that you can succeed then what chance do you have?

Focus on believing in yourself and your abilities and re-classify yourself as a 'consistent gainer' or an 'unstoppable gainer' or whatever title suits your motivation best. If you focus on being successful you will be and you are already one step closer to becoming the person you really want to be!





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