Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday's Daily Brief

Monday, October 24, 2011
Schools Fear Worst Budget Cuts Ahead
Rick Perry Answers Birther Questions, Walks Fine Line
WATCH: An Unprecedented Look At The Life Of Steve Jobs
Vatican Calls For Radical Economic Reform Of World's Financial Systems
Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down During Concert
David Katz, M.D.: Any Day but Food Day
This is not about Food Day. This is about the other 364 days this year; the 365 days last year; and the 365 days next year. Why aren't THEY Food Day?
Raymond J. Learsy: Occupy Wall Street Protestors 'Get A Life' -- Elect A President!
She may not know it yet, but the nation needs Sheila Bair. Her persona, her values, her experience would be an enormously timely gift to all of us.
Abdulrahman El-Sayed: The Reckless Folly of Ellsberg's "Will Dropouts Save America?"
Rather than highlighting a small, non-representative minority of college dropouts to misrepresent the importance of education, perhaps it would be better to concentrate on redesigning our higher education system so that it better serves American society.
BritChick Paris: Why You Can Count Your True Friends on one Hand
I am a demanding friend I do admit. I expect too much. I always did. As a child I'd be terribly disappointed when a playdate was cancelled or when Maisy or Poppy decided she was no longer my best-est friend.
Nancy Hiller: The House That Saved Me
My sister and I were raised to want two things in life: a husband and a house, in that order.

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