Friday, October 28, 2011

Software Product Magic


When I first saw Software Product Magic I thought "this looks familiar", because on the first read of the blurb about it it seems reminissant of a product that came out about six years ago called MYOS (Make Your Own Software). But as I read more about SPM (Software Product Magic), it soon became apparent that this was in a class of its own.

Indeed there have been a few products in the same category as this in the past but they've always fallen a little short in terms of the finished product they deliver.

For those who don't know, SPM is a toll that lets non-programmers make sellable, commercial software.

Now clearly the software has to follow a certain frame work, you're not going to use this to make the next Photoshop, Excel or Dreamweaver. But what SPM does that its predecessors have failed to do is to not tie you so tightly into that frame work that you can only make one kind of software and if you wanted to do anything half decent you had to use java-script which kind of defeats the purpose of a "no programming" software builder.

There is no doubting the software this makes is commercial. Andy gives a few real examples on the web site and you can follow the links to see the actual software he made and can check out the sales stats for yourself. One of the examples he gives took less than six hours to come up with the idea, research it, build it and launch it... and it sold over $5000 worth at launch (for a $10 product).

Some of the really nice features of SPM include; works with multiple files in a folder which opens it up to a whole new level of product creation. With MYOS for example, you can create a single web page whereas with SPM you can create a complete web site! SPM Pro can build a brander for your software so you can opt to sell it with PLR. SPM can output to PDF and ZIP as well as manipulating text based files. You can even create demo software, locking the software with your own licence keys!

For a full list of features you should visit the SPM web site at: [Affiliate Link Here]

Many online marketing experts say that software products are the future. They have a higher percieved value and now that ebooks are appearing on Kindle for a buck a piece, books and reports are becoming the harder sell.

Now this is not a "get rich quick scheme in ten seconds" like a lot of guys put their names too, nor is it some pie in the sky product creation course that tells you to toss together any old plr and sell it. This is simply a legitimate way to create software products with no programming that you'll find a heck of a lot easier to sell than ebooks.

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