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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages

Remove a Skin Tag by Electro-Cauterization - What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages


You can remove a skin tag by electro-cauterization. Treating skin tags by this procedure involves the application of electricity to heat an instrument or needle. Afterwards this needle is put in contact with the skin tag in order to burn the cells of such growth.


Basically electro-cauterization involves 7 main steps:


• The area to be treated is numbed by a local anesthetic

• The areas is treated throughout

• The heated needle is put in contact with the skin tag

• The cells of growth are burned

• The physician removes the burned cells

• A specimen may be sent to the lab for further analysis

• A bandage is applied and instructions are given so it will heal adequately.


Treating skin tags by this procedure may be a bit painful. Some discomforts occur both during and after the treatment.


Healing time depends on the healing ability of individual and also on the characteristics of the growth treated.


Advantages of this skin tag cure include:


• It is a quick method

• Generally it is less expensive than other types of surgeries such as laser and cryosurgery

• Usually one session is enough. In the case of cryosurgery or laser therapy you may have to make more than one visit to your physician to treat the same growths.


Treating skin tags with electro-cauterization has the following disadvantages:


• The procedure is quite invasive

• It is painful. Discomforts may also continue for some days after the treatment.

• Healing times may be long

• It may produce some scaring


It is also important to be well informed by a qualified health practitioner if in your particular case it is adequate to remove a skin tag by this procedure. Electro-cauterization may be unsuitable for some individuals with certain medical conditions such as heart disease and other medical conditions.


If your decide to remove a skin tag by electro-cauterization, be also well informed from a professional physician about certain symptoms that may occur after the treatment since such symptoms may be a sign of infections.





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