Monday, October 10, 2011

What Supplement is Right for You?

You know if I had a nickel for every time somebody asked me "Isabel, what supplements should I be taking?", I swear, I'd be rich (and lying on the beach in Bermuda right now…or the Bahamas…I'm not picky.)

People are so confused and, sometimes, a bit too hung up on the supplement thing. Many times they are missing the big picture.

There's really no sense in overloading your body with a bunch of pills if you are not following the essential principles of healthy living. You would be better off focusing your efforts on getting your eating plan and your exercise regimen under control before worrying about which supplements do what or which ones may give you a "quick fix" to anything…comprende?

Now with that being said, I do agree that there are some supplements that we can be taking that do add great benefit to any meal plan (and some even help burn fat..good news right?)

That's why I've decided to dedicate the next several newsletters to answering your most pressing questions about a handful of the most popular supplements out there (some good, some bad).

Most of you already know that I am a big fan and a big proponent of taking a fish oil supplement each and every day. The benefits of a high quality fish oil are endless (as I've written about in the FATS chapter of your Diet Solution Manual) and really should be a part of anyone's nutrition plan…women, men, children…everyone.

I also think we can all benefit greatly from ingesting enough antioxidants each day. And if you are not getting them from food, you'll need to supplement for those as well. Just in case you missed it, I explain the benefits and power of antioxidants as magical foods here.





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