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Why Losing Weight Is Like Groundhog Day

For most winters in New Jersey, it doesn't matter whether Punxsatawney Phil sees his shadow or not… After being dumped on with snow and braving bitter cold temperatures, and the ever-so-despised ice storms, with sidewalks of slush and streets as slick as skating rinks, it usually seems like winter will never end! And they call this place the Garden State? Anyway, I remember reading a news story about the Famous Pennsylvania groundhog, and that got me thinking… For most people, weight loss is a lot like groundhog day…

Why Weight Loss Is a Lot Like Groundhog Day

Before I became a full time author/writer and online publisher, I used to work in health clubs. For 14 years, I was a trainer and gym manager, and every January, there was a huge influx of new members.

Unfortunately, most of them were GONE by February! I swear this is not "urban legend," it's absolutely true – I used to print out the attendance records to prove it!

The attendance spike in January and the subsequent dip in February were unbelievable. So much for new year's resolutions.

Did you ever think about what the word "resolution" implies? If you look at the roots of the word, it comes from "resolute" which means a firm determination.

But here's something that most people – outside of the hypnosis or NLP fields – rarely consider: words carry certain associations and ambiguities, not necessarily related to their latin roots.

What I find ironic is that if you sound it out, "resolve" sounds like "RE-solve" as in: to solve the SAME problem again and again, and again and again.

Did you ever see that movie (1993), Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, where he wakes up every morning only to re-live the same day over and over again?

Well, for most people, this time of year is like "Groundhog Day for weight loss" – re-living that same 20 pound weight loss from past years, over and over and over again!

What could be more frustrating?

This year, isn't it finally time to stop that madness?

You can make it stick this year – all year – and keep your progress steamrolling forward for life… an unstoppable YOU. It simply takes a different approach…

Forget the old approach:

  • Resolutions
  • Quick fixes
  • Losing weight

This is the new, superior approach:

  • Real goal setting
  • Lifestyle change
  • Burning fat & gaining muscle

People know that their resolutions won't stick, but rather than learning the art of setting real goals, they make resolutions again every year anyway.

They pursue the latest, trendiest, newest diet or workout fad instead of working on the admittedly boring, but effective fundamentals and proven principles.

They're focused only on quick results without a long term mindset of lifestyle change.

And… they're so caught up in the scale, that all they care about is how much weight they lose, not their all-important body composition (the muscle to fat ratio).

Thus, with the old approach:

  • You temporarily lose weight and fit in smaller clothes, but you don't look good out of clothes – you're just a smaller but still squishy version of your old self… a "skinny fat person."
  • You start out in a fiery burst of enthusiasm, only to burn out, sometimes in as little as a month, and gain back all the weight you lost… Where it sticks on your belly until next January, when you start the cycle of insanity all over again.



INSANITY: Continuing to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

If you want to make a real change and make the change stick, it's time to change your approach.

A lot of people are talking lately about my "49- day body transformation" promise. Some people said, "49-days? Oh no! Has Tom started going the quick fix route like all the others?

Nothing could be further from the truth.

My fat-burning program, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle IS THE NEW APPROACH, not the old one, and there's nothing "quick fixy" about it.

With the results of one of our body transformation challenge contest just published, we have simply proven that you can use this approach to begin seeing extraordinary results in as little as 49 days (And we have the success stories and photos to prove it).

After 49 days, YOU DON'T STOP. That was just a short-term goal! You keep going – and it just gets better and better. You can keep using the program until you reach your long term goal, and you can keep using it to maintain your ideal weight for life.

Quick fix diets can't promise you that.

Here's the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle difference:

  • Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle teaches you REAL goal-setting skills (the kind you can apply in your business, financial and personal life as well)
  • Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle teaches you how to measure and track your body composition
  • Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is NOT just a 7 week program, it's a lifestyle.





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