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Jane Jarvis both came up against cancer in her family and personal life.
As a result, she decided to devote her life to finding something better than what was offered to her.
She decided to find out what other treatments were available to those who were diagnosed with cancer, given no hope, or offered surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy as their only options.
She was astonished when she found out so many other options that were hidden and suppressed despite positive clinical trials and tens of thousands of positive testimonials.
She found:
Proven breakthroughs that effectively CURE CANCER!
Treatments so effective they KILL cancer cells with NO side effects. And fight cancer ANYWHERE in the body.
Too good to be true? You won't think so when you hear how these treatment work. It's rock solid and makes sense, even if you have never had a day of medical training.
There are breakthrough treatments used in Mexico but NOT ALLOWED in the United States. Why? The average hospital bill for treating cancer ranges from $250,000 to almost a million dollars. This could well be information the medical industry can't afford to let you hear about.
The major breakthroughs in this area will ASTOUND you.
Everyone NEEDS this information.
We also provide you with GREAT NEWS about cancer prevention.
Did you know there is a simple treatment using microcurrents that appears to prevent cancer? It can be used in the privacy of your own home and costs only pennies!
Imagine...a simple, inexpensive way to PREVENT CANCER! Now EVERYONE can have this simple protection in their own homes!
More on this in a moment...
We'll show you a cancer treatment that regularly delivers a 90% success rate. Nine out of ten cancer patients walk away with their illness CURED! Can you imagine asking your doctor or hospital for a cancer treatment that has a 90% success rate?
He or she would probably shake their head sadly and say, "No clinic in the world has a 90% success rate."
Guess what? These clinics DO exist and we'll tell you where they are!
Do you know anyone who has cancer?
Do you have cancer?
I sincerely hope you don't,
But if you did, wouldn't you like to use a clinic that had a 90% success rate?
I know I sure would!
How can you get the details about these amazing clinics?
That's what this E-book, Cancer Cure Secrets, is all about.
It is FILLED with the BEST-KEPT SECRETS about curing cancer (without using chemotherapy or radiation).
We give you the details about these cancer clinics that are quietly treating cancer with 90 to 100% success!
We also give you the "inside information" on the NEW BREED of SUPER SUPPLEMENTS that cures cancer for just a few hundred dollars. Isn't your life worth that much?
We'll show you how to find out MORE about these super supplements and where to buy them.
We ALSO show you a simple three-step cancer treatment using microcurrents. This treatment is effective against ALL types of cancer and can be used in the privacy of your own home.
You get contact information for ALL of them.
Here is a small sample of secrets you will learn in this jam-packed E-book:
1. Get the hidden list of innovative cancer clinics that get almost complete success treating cancer, even in stage 4 and 5.
PLUS--we reveal details on an amazing doctor in Mexico who has a 98% success rate curing bone cancer.
2. You learn about the NEW BREED of super supplements that are helping thousands quietly CURE cancer for just a few hundred dollars. Compare that to the $300,000-$700,000 hospital charges for TREATMENT ONLY!
3. Learn about the exciting story of microcurrents and how a simple electronic device that appears statistically to give you PROVEN remissions from cancer and many other diseases. This incredible electronic technology allows you to treat yourself in the comfort of your own home. TOTAL cost is about $2.00 per remission of symptoms. Plus it requires NO doctors, surgery, drugs, diets, medical bills, shots, herbs, or ANY outside intervention.
4. We'll tell you about a new MIRACLE MOLECULE that SUPER-CHARGES your immune system and increases your 'natural killer cells' 248%! (You will see a testimonial from a stage 5 cancer sufferer that used ONLY this molecule to completely recover).
5. You will also learn about a very special type of WATER that is helping to heal people all over the world. This special water carries nutrients, enzymes, and proteins into EVERY cell of your body. At the same time, it removes waste products from your cells to keep them SUPER healthy..
6. Learn about an "infusion treatment" using a chemotheraputic agent that is entirely NON-TOXIC. Experts say the results are just as powerful and definitive as the strongest chemotherapies but without ANY side effects!
7. Details about what may be one of the BEST ways to FIGHT cancer. A compound that is a proven anti-carcinogen, anti-mutagen, and anti-cancer initiator.
8. The NEW homeopathic cancer treatment showing PHENOMENAL results.
Now let me deliver on my earlier promise to fully explain how one of these miracle treatments work.
There are two genes that regulate cell growth: oncogenes that cause cells to divide and grow, and tumor suppressor genes. The suppressor genes STOP deadly cancer cells from dividing and growing. When you have a cancerous growth, the oncogenes are out of control and the tumor suppressor genes aren't doing their job.
The key to curing cancer is controlling, manipulating, and promoting proper and healthy balances among oncogenes and suppressor genes. Like anything else in nature, curing cancer has everything to do with creating and restoring the more perfect balance nature intended.
Do you know the REAL reason why your doctor never tells you about any of these treatments and cures? We will tell you exactly why!
The reasons will probably make you sad as well as angry!
Drug companies keep putting dangerous drugs out for cancer and other diseases. They turn their noses up at safer, cheaper, and more effective alternative treatments. The FDA keeps approving these dangerous drugs.
We explain why these things continue to happen!
These are just a few of the HIGHLY controversial subjects we give the inside scoop on.
Get Cancer Cure Secrets NOW and stop living in FEAR of cancer!
Cancer IS NOT and NEVER need be again a death sentence!
All you need is the CORRECT information and you CAN probably cure your cancer!
There are proven methods for preventing and surviving cancer.
Get your copy of this E-book NOW.
WHY wait?
Our iron-clad guarantee means NO RISK for you!!!
We promise you:
If you read AND use the information in this E-book, telling friends and family members about these treatments, you will SHIELD your body AND theirs against the ravages of cancer!
How much will it cost you to protect yourself with this type of information???
A LOW - $39.95.
For about the same cost as dinner and a movie, you can give yourself or a loved one something very valuable: Peace of mind. You will now have the means to put an end to the threat of cancer forever!
Consider that the AVERAGE cost of getting conventional treatment (Chemotherapy/radiation) is between $300,000 and $700,000 just for "treatment" and the doctors NEVER tell you that you have a 90 to 100% chance of complete recovery!
The information in this E-book will absolutely AMAZE you. You will NEVER look at cancer the same way and will NEVER have to fear Cancer again! 

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