Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday's Daily Brief

Friday, November 4, 2011
Cain Campaign Reportedly Considering Legal Action Against Politico: Report
Keystone XL Oil Pipeline: A Symbolic Struggle Steeped In Fuzzy Math
After Bankruptcy, CEO Resigns From Securities Firm
Greek Prime Minister Faces Critical Confidence Vote
New Flotilla Challenges Gaza Blockade
Robert Reich: Washington Pre-Occupied
Until we reverse the trend toward inequality, the economy can't be revived. But the biggest question in our nation's capital right now has nothing to do with any of this.
Dr. Andrew Weil: The Depression-Inflammation Connection
The dramatic rise in depression diagnoses over the last two decades is a great challenge to modern medicine. The reasons for the increase are complex, but one important theory deserves special consideration.
Cara Santa Maria: Talk Nerdy To Me: The Gay Brain (VIDEO)
Even though biologists have yet to discover a gay gene, from a scientific perspective, genetic, hormonal, and structural-anatomical data show that homosexuality is definitely rooted in our biology.
Bernard-Henri Lévy: Libya, Sharia, and Us
There is sharia, and then there is sharia. And before going on and on about regression and glaciation, we would do well to know what we're talking about.
Taylor Trudon: Kim Kardashian: She's Just Like Us (Kind of)
We can hate on Kim for getting paid millions just for breathing or for her glossy, perfect hair, but we can't hate on her for wanting the same things as us.

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