Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday's Daily Brief

Friday, November 11, 2011
Herman Cain Cracks Joke About Anita Hill
Rufus Gifford: The Man Behind Obama's Historic Fundraising Machine
Assistant Who Witnessed Unspeakable Act Receives 'Multiple Threats'
Charlie Rose, Gayle King To Join Revamped CBS Morning Show
Family Secrets: Parents Prey On Children's Identities As Victims Stay Silent
Jamie Lee Curtis: Hindsight
"If I knew then what I know now" doesn't count for Paterno or Penn State. There is no excuse. There is no apology. Just tell the truth. The truth is what we all want and they should all spend the rest of their lives working on behalf of the victims and their recovery.
Marlo Thomas: She Who Serves
If your image of a troubled veteran is a homeless man, you're half-right. Yes, he needs your help. But so does his military sister.
Adam McKay: The 6 Dumbest Protests Ever
With Penn State students protesting and rioting over the firing of football coach Joe Paterno, many have wondered what those students could possibly be thinking. With that in mind, we here at Funny or Die decided to find the six dumbest protests ever.
Lee Woodruff: Who Will Care For The Caregiver?
Each Veteran's Day we spend a great deal of effort honoring those who have served. And rightly so. But this year let's also honor the loved ones here at home who serve every day in unsung roles.
Rabbi Michael Lerner: Praying With Our Feet at Occupy Oakland
I'm hoping that more people committed to nonviolence will show up at the General Assembly meetings held by Occupy Oakland and change the vibe from one which prioritizes "unity" to one in which people understand that nonviolence is the best and only strategy.

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