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The New Islamic Year 1433 AH
Even before the Gregorian calendar of 2011 officially ends on December 31, Muslims have already started a New Islamic Year as per the Islamic calendar which differs from the Gregorian on the basis of the number of days in each of its 12 months. ...
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Egypt's Christians try to stem Islamists in vote
Talk of leaving Egypt has increasingly circulated among many Christians since Mubarak's fall, raising fears over the fate of a community that predates the coming of Islam to the country in the 7th century. Islamist parties are expected to be the ...
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Portland Art Museum announces major Islamic art exhibit for 2013
By DK Row, The Oregonian The Portland Art Museum will be one of four museums to host a major exhibition on Islamic art over the next two years. The exhibit, "Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges With the Arts of Islamic Culture," is being organized by ...
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Seif now just a 'helpless criminal', says Libya official
ZINTAN, Libya — Moamer Kadhafi's once-powerful son Seif al-Islam is now just a "helpless criminal" in the Libyan hilltown of Zintan, where he can stay until he goes on trial, officials and town residents say. "For Zintan he is just a helpless criminal ...
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How Will Facebook and Twitter Impact Islam?
Huffington Post
I thus wondered how Twitter, Facebook, and current and future social networking and micro-blogging tools will affect religions in general and Islam in particular. My worries were heightened when I found an article titled "25 Reasons Why Twitter Is ...
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Egypt's Islamists Pushed to Right
Wall Street Journal
He speaks soaringly of the need for political change and the potential for Islam to deliver Egyptians from a cruel history of political exploitation. His message resonates with many in the Egyptian public who see the embrace of Islam as the most ...
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Azerbaijan: Killing of Writer Stirs Debate about Islam, Civil Rights and Iran
The recent death of writer Rafiq Tagi has sparked a fresh debate in Azerbaijan on three of the country's most sensitive topics -- relations with Iran, the role of Islam and the government's track record on freedom of speech. ...
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Moroccan wolf in sheep's clothing
Jerusalem Post
The section on the movement's goals states that it seeks to instill the Islamic religion in the heart of the individual, the family, the society, the state, and the ummah ("community," meaning the Arab world) and to help spread Islam throughout the ...
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What Do the Salafists Want? On Egypt, Sharia and Israel
The Awl
Bakr: The main concept behind Salafi is that there was a time when the Islamic societies were the best ones, all over the world. Bakr: Yes. Salifism is an attempt to recover this best state of Islam itself. The Awl: You are referencing a pan-Arab, ...
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The Awl
Muslim Sisterhood Sets Manhattan Example
"Women are pretty liberated within the Manhattan community," Marie Trussel, not her real name, a K-State student thinking about converting from Christianity to Islam, told the Kansas City Collegian on Tuesday, November 29. At the Islamic Center of ...
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IslamOnline, Islamic News, Islamic Finance and Business ...
By DAVID KOENIG | AP Published: Nov 29, 2011 19:15 Updated: Nov 30, 2011 01:31 DALLAS: American Airlines and its parent company are filing for ...

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