Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Character Assassinations, the Progressives "Wag the Dog"
Over the past few weeks, we as a Nation have witnessed the Progressive agenda expand; using their favorite comrade Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" As President Obama's poll numbers continue to free fall and the GOP candidates accumulate more steam ...
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Kiss will not seek another term as Burlington mayor
"Based on conversations I have had with many Progressives, I do not believe he would have won the Progressive nomination if he had sought a third term," Bergman wrote in an email this morning. Kiss did not elaborate on his plans, but indicated that he ...
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The Sheer Tax Naivete Of Krugman, Shiller And Sachs
In the wake of the failure of Congress' "Supercommittee" to agree upon a plan for reining in the US budget deficit, Progressives have once again started beating the drums for higher taxes. In his article in the New York Times on November 28, ...
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Many Christians ignore Jesus' teachings about poor
Progressives believe the very wealthy have benefited from almost all government policy changes in recent history and should share in the sacrifice required to balance the nation's finances. Most people, conservative or liberal, claim to be religious or ...
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Why Ojukwu's body 'll remain in London, by Umeh
The Nation Newspaper
All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) National chairman Chief Victor Umeh broke the news to reporters at Ojukwu's Casablanca Lodge Enugu home on his arrival from London. Ojukwu's children are expected home today, his wife, Bianca, will return to the ...
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What should be the top Marginal Tax Rates on the Wealthy?
But let's assume for a minute that the Occupy Wall Street movement swells into a genuine progressive movement, conservatives are tossed out of control of the House and Senate and Obama stays in the White House. What should we, as progressives, ...
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200 arrested as cops raid Occupy LA camp
CBS News
Now the progressives are in charge. Unlike Reagan, the economy, (which tanked under Bush), shows NO signs of recovery after two years of Obamanomics. Not even a glimmer. by realtimecoffee November 30, 2011 4:10 PM EST Now we are getting to it. ...
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CBS News
Occupy's Radicalism Prompts Disdain from Liberal Class
In These Times
Maybe Rahm "fucking retarded" Emanuel is going to listen to progressives now. Rahm "The job of everyone in this room is to move the President to a solution that works" Emanuel. Sure. That seems likely. 3. The Historical Fallacy. ...
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The Immigration Demons Haunting the GOP
Big Government
Remember it was the Conservatives that resisted the abolition of slavery and progressives who fought for it. I'm sure you are opposed to slavery today, as are most human beings. But you can bet that your great grandbagger was all for it. ...
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Progressives Canvass For Millionaires Tax
By Nick Reisman
Progressives Canvass For Millionaires Tax. A coalition of liberal groups and organizations is forming a new campaign to push for a "true" millionaires tax, the same day Wall Street Journal's report that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is considering a ...
Capital Tonight

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Progressives Don't Hate Ourselves | Common Dreams
If anything, Obama was hurt because progressives were too loyal rather than that they were too critical. Certainly that was the conclusion drawn by everyone ...
RealClearPolitics - Progressives Disappointed with Obama
AS North Carolina Republicans tell it, the Obama for America volunteers stole in under cover of night and stayed, undetected — noticed belatedly only because ...

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