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Year later, tea party's profile low but focused
Washington Times
Rand Paul of Kentucky during a recent meeting of the Tea Party Debt Commission. The two lawmakers were elected in 2010 with help from the tea party. A year ago, the tea party was the focus of Washington, praised by Republicans for the punching power it ...
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Washington Times
Powell: Tea Party presidential candidate can't win in 2012
The Hill
By Alicia M. Cohn - 11/27/11 11:23 AM ET Former Bush administration Secretary of State Colin Powell on Sunday dismissed chances for a Tea Party candidate to win the presidential election, criticizing the hard-line stance taken by the majority of the ...
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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots
Daily Caller
With an innate interest in politics and technology, Jenny Beth Martin was near the epicenter when the tea party began in 2009. Martin now devotes nearly every waking moment to the powerful national movement as co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, ...
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Newt's Rise Tests Willingness of Tea Party Faction To Destroy GOP
dagblog (blog)
by Articleman 11/27/2011 - 1:36 pm | A funny thing happened on the way to the ascendant Tea Party strangling the government in the bathtub. The strangler accidentally gave away the Presidency, the Senate, and increasingly likely, maybe even the House. ...
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New Jersey Tea Party blames Barack Obama for unemployment of 540000 blacks ...
"Since Obama took office, a net of 540000 additional black Americans – Obama's strongest supporters – have lost their jobs," the Tea Party retweeted to its followers on Sept. 2. The original tweet came from Ken Gardner, a junior fellow for The Right ...
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Letter: Tea party writers get it wrong
East Valley Tribune
I can tell when a tea party adherent authors a letter you publish: They always get the facts wrong. Gary Larson (Nov 25, 2011) seems like a typical Kool-Aid drinking member of the tea party. He claims President Barack Obama has increased the national ...
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The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street
Covington News
By Staff Report The Tea Party wants to cut spending in all areas. The OWS wants spending increased for their benefit. The Tea Party acquired permits to assemble. The OWS just showed up and set up tents. The Tea Party did not break the ...
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Tea Party considering Newt Gingrich over Ron Paul?
We have been hearing this week the notion various Tea Party groups across the nation are "taking a serious look at Newt Gingrich" - yet none seem interested in Congressman Ron Paul. We will hear more on this morning's Sunday talk shows. ...
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Powell Criticizes Tea Party for Divided Washington
Town Hall
Colin Powell was on This Week with Christiane Amanpour and the two had a grand old time blaming DC's problems on the tea party (you know, because passing a budget is so difficult). Powell also blamed the media for honing in on the divisive rhetoric. ...
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What to do in Oklahoma on Nov. 27, 2011: Check out "The Oklahoma Nutcracker ... (blog)
Avery Morris, 2, of Oklahoma City, keeps a discreet distance from the Mouse King as the two pose for a parent's photograph during the Sand Plum Fairy Tea Party at The Nancy O'Brian Center for the Performing Arts at Norman North High School on Sunday, ...
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Colin Powell Blames Media and Tea Party for Divisive Tone in ...
By Noel Sheppard
However, although the question was asked by Amanpour, any discussion of the Tea Party's involvement in the current tone should certainly have involved the Occupy Wall Street movement and what its participants both overt and covert are ... - Exposing Liberal...
Merello: Tea party | Ads of the World™
By ivan
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Colin Powell: Tea Party Presidential Candidate Can't Win in 2012 ...
By Jim Hoft
"The Tea Party point of view of 'no compromise whatsoever' is not a point of view that will eventually produce a presidential candidate who will win," he said on ABC's "This Week With Christiane Amanpour." Powell said taking the ...
The Gateway Pundit
Colin Powell: Tea Party Will Not 'Produce A Presidential Candidate ...
By Frances Martel
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has no faith in the Tea Party's ability to produce a president. This he noted today in a discussion with Christiane Amanpour on This Week, where he lamented the very tense tone currently in Washington ...
Tea Party | Elections | Conservative | The Daily Caller
By Ginni Thomas
Is the tea party's enthusiasm waning? [VIDEO] | Tea Party Patriots organizer answers.
The Daily Caller

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