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Tea party activists audited by city. Would that happen to Occupy protesters?
Christian Science Monitor
For tea party groups, the audit by Richmond, Va., highlights long-running complaints of a double standard in the treatment of activists. The audit also puts a spotlight on free-speech regulations. By Patrik Jonsson, Staff writer / November 29, ...
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Christian Science Monitor
Support for Tea Party Drops Even in Strongholds, Survey Finds
New York Times (blog)
By KATE ZERNIKE 2:32 pm | Updated Support for the Tea Party — and with it, the Republican Party — has fallen sharply even in places considered Tea Party strongholds, according to a new survey. In Congressional districts represented by Tea Party ...
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Poll watcher: Who is Newt Gingrich's base? Tea party districts sour on tea ...
Washington Post (blog)
Tea party districts sour on tea party and doggy health care By Scott Clement Who is Newt Gingrich's base? In surging to the top in the race for the Republican nomination, recent polls find Newt Gingrich has built a coalition of three high-turnout ...
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Tea Party Declares Wisconsin First Battleground of 2012 Elections
By Chris Hrapsky, Reporter - email The recall campaign against Governor Scott Walker is getting national attention from the tea party, which is calling it the first battleground of the 2012 elections. Recall organizers claim to have gathered more than ...
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Tea Party, steeped in history, creates a new future
Montreal Gazette
By Jamie O'Meara, Special to The Gazette November 29, 2011 Jeff Martin, guitarist and singer for Tea Party, urges on the crowd during a concert at Windsor Arena Saturday night. It is the first concert the band has played in their hometown in five years ...
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One-third of Americans Support the Tea Party and Two in Five Support Occupy ...
MarketWatch (press release)
29, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Almost three years ago the Tea Party movement was born and, at the moment, one-third of Americans (34%) support the movement while two in five oppose it (41%) and one-quarter (25%) are not at all sure. ...
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Local Tea Party leader takes issue with Powell blaming them for problems in ...
Greeley Gazette
by Jack Minor – A local leader with the tea party has taken issue with statements made by former Gen. Colin Powell saying the Tea Party was to blame for the divisiveness in Washington, while omitting any similar criticism of leftist groups. ...
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Lululemon's Tea Party and a Yoga to Fight About
Huffington Post (blog)
How could the champion of ego-boosting, capitalism-as-our-first-and-best-state ideology -- forget the Tea Party, this goes way beyond them -- have influenced these people to the point where they'd want to meet her? Did they realize that Rand herself ...
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Rick Perry nabs Tea Party fave Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorsement
Arpaio is a favorite son of the Tea Party movement because of his sometimes controversial, but always entertaining, stance on illegal immigration. Though Perry has since profusely apologized for calling conservatives "heartless" when the Texas Dream ...
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Redistricting could end careers of tea party firebrands
Washington Post (blog)
He's not the only tea party firebrand who came to prominence (and Congress) in 2010 but could be gone by this time next year thanks — or no thanks — to the decennial redistricting process. Illinois just extended the filing deadline for congressional ...
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Video: The competing worldviews of the Tea Party and OWS « Hot Air
By Tina Korbe
The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street remind me a little of those side-by-side cartoons I used to love to examine in the Sunday newspaper. You know the ones. At first glance, the juxtaposed pictures look identical, but, the longer you study 'em ...
Hot Air » Top Picks
NY Times Book Review Likens Tea Party to the Klan | The Blog on ...
By Keith Koffler
A piece in Sunday's New York Times book review section compared the Tea Party to the Ku Klux Klan. The review, written for the Times by historian Kevin Boyle, evaluates two new books on the Klan. It opens with an indirect.
The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier
Tea Party | Richmond | Occupy | The Daily Caller
By Christopher Bedford
Richmond Tea Party say it's being audited for pointing out injustice | Asked for refund of thousands in rally fees after Democratic mayor picks up occupiers' $7000 tab.
The Daily Caller
Crony Capitalism Will Unite Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street - Big ...
By Publius
When Occupy Memphis members met with tea party members on Nov. 17, the Associated Press reported they found common ground in their opposition to crony capitalism, where ties between lobbyists, businesses and other interests ...
Big Goverment
Tea Party Loses Favor
Tea Party Loses Favor. A new Pew Research poll finds that since the 2010 midterm elections, the Tea Party "has not only lost support nationwide, but also in the congressional districts represented by members of the House Tea Party Caucus." ...
Taegan Goddard's Political Wire

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California Congressmen Work to Slow Down ... - Tea Party Patriots
The Tea Party Patriots' mission is to restore America's founding principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets. ...
Richmond Tea Party Draws City Audit, Claims Unfair Treatment ...
RICHMOND, Va. — The Richmond Tea Party said an audit by the city is retaliation for the conservative group seeking refunds for rally permits and fees, arguing ...

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