Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday's Daily Brief

Monday, November 7, 2011
Cain On Sexual Harassment Allegations: My Wife 'Took It Harder Than I Did'
Police Arrest 5 At Occupy Atlanta Protest
Something Major Is About To Change For Catholics
Dr. Nora Volkow: New Brain Research Helps Explain Drug Addiction
Sexual Harassment Pervasive In U.S. Middle And High Schools, Survey Finds
Raymond J. Learsy: Iran's Nuclear Ambitions And America's Misguidedly Dismissed Countervailing Option
If we do not get the Persian Gulf states to support placing an effective oil embargo on Iran, perhaps we should contemplate letting these "allies" deal with Iran on their own.
Sec. Arne Duncan: A National Commitment to High-Quality Early Learning
Research consistently shows that high-quality early learning programs benefit children, our society, and our national prosperity. It is simply one of the most cost-effective investments America can make in its future.
Lisa Belkin: Why Parents Lie About Their Child's Age
How old are your children? Are they always the age you say they are?
Christy Turlington Burns: Occupy The World
If we truly value humanity, life and all that it represents in its highest form, then we need to do all that we can to promote quality of life over the quantity of life.
Joelle Caputa: Why Women In Their 20s Get Hitched When They Should've Ditched
Young women with crumbling marriages should be thanking Kim Kardashian. She's giving each of their mother's something else to analyze 24/7.

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