Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sports Part 27

How To Play Business Golf.
Where Golf And Business Merge To Become Business Golf.

Kihon Aikido
Genuine - Unique - Original - Powerful / Martial Arts Training Videos And Ebooks

Street Fighting Self Defense
Not A Sport, Not An Art, Just Four Downloadable Videos Of The Most Effective "dirty Fighting Tricks" Of Bouncers And Street Figters. 50 % Commissions, Good Conversion And The Peace Of Mind That You Provided Your Customers With A Product That Works!

Specific Off Ice Training For Hockey Goalies And Skaters
Hockey Goalies And Skaters Need Different Types Of Off Ice Training. Hockey Strength And Conditioning Coach Maria Mountain, Msc Has Created Two Specific Off Ice Training Programs - One For Goalies And One For Skaters. 75% Commission.

Rocket Speed Training On A Budget 2.
A Speed & Agility Training Resource Guide On How To Create Your Own Speed & Agility Training Aids, Primarily Out Of Pvc Pipe, Which Helps You Save Money & Can Give You More Training Options Than Traditional Speed/agility Tools.

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