Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday's Daily Brief

Thursday, November 10, 2011
Penn State Students Take To The Streets, Chant Support For Paterno (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Rick Perry Jeopardizes Campaign With 'The Stumble'
Former European Central Bank Official Named Greek Prime Minister
Bank Of America Taps Unemployment Benefits For Debit Fees
Which Judge Is Leaving 'America's Got Talent'?
Michael Smerconish: The Remaining Penn State Question
Regardless of what level of detail he was provided, in my opinion there is no exculpatory explanation to be offered on Paterno's behalf. Maybe that's why he released a statement last weekend when the story broke, before this week's events led to his firing
Alan Schroeder: The Elephant in the Room: Republicans Debate in Michigan
The problem for Cain is that every word he speaks now sounds like a double entendre. Until the harassment charges against him are cleared up, it is almost impossible for the general public to view Herman Cain as anything but a man under an extremely threatening cloud.
J.R. Martinez: Rise and Honor
This Veterans Day, take the time to give back to wounded vets everywhere by donating whatever you can to our veterans. They're proud of their country. Let's show them we're proud of their service.
Justine Schwartz: The 5 Wedding Traditions I Skipped (And Why You Should Too)
The staples of a traditional wedding aren't just fodder for wedding bloopers. Generation after generation, couples have followed them thinking that the blueprint of a good wedding had to have each one.
Sec. Arne Duncan: Teacher Pay Study Asks the Wrong Question, Ignores Facts, Insults Teachers
Instead of asking whether teachers are overpaid, the AEI/Heritage researchers should have asked what it would take to recruit and retain highly effective teachers for all students.

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