Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday's Daily Brief

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Cain Accuser Stands Ground As Questions Fly
Boxing Legend Joe Frazier Dies
Sarkozy Reportedly Blasts Israeli PM As 'Liar'
Major Swiss Bank To Disclose Names Of U.S. Clients Suspected Of Tax Evasion
Researcher Finds Huge iPhone Security Bug
Al Gore: History Is Made in Australia
This is a historic moment. Australia's Parliament has put the nation's first carbon price into law. With this vote, the world has turned a pivotal corner in the collective effort to solve the climate crisis.
Dr. Andrew Weil: 10 Ways to Have a Happier Life
Bear in mind that by "happy," I am not referring to endless bliss. Despite what many in the media proclaim these days, such a state is neither achievable nor desirable.
Eve Ensler: Ambiguous UpSparkles From the Heart of the Park: Mic Check/Occupy Wall Street (Part 3)
It was cold this week in Zuccotti Park, so we occupiers huddled together on the concrete steps for warmth, to make it easier to hear, to allow the stories to pass amongst us and through us. We repeated each line of each person's story and the repeating kept us warm.
Gabriel A. Feldman: The Legal Issues Behind the NBA Players' Decertification Strategy
From an NBA fan's perspective, the hope now is that the uncertainty and risk to both sides involved with decertification and an antitrust suit are enough to push the two sides to make a deal at the bargaining table.
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Conrad Murray's Conviction Has Left Everyone Else Off the Hook
In the final analysis, Conrad Murray was the person was most responsible for Michael's death. But a host of others played a significant role. They ought to thank their lucky stars that the sins of the many have fallen on the shoulders of one.

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