Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Becoming a PvP Monster with IWinButtons Guide for WoW

Tired of getting ganked by enemies your own level? Eager to compete in battlegrounds, but constantly confronted by foes who seem to move and fight like lightning, and who stretch your character out on the ground before you've even hit your first button? Don't let these clowns work you over – the IWinButtons guide has methods deal with gankers of all levels. Get your guide today, and come out swinging!
Speed and precision are what win PvP battles, whether a single duel or a huge 40-man battleground like Alterac Valley or Isle of Conquest. Life and death hang on a split second of reaction time, and if you don't get off the exact sequence of attacks and abilities that the situation calls for, then your character is dead and on their way to a thirty-second sojourn in the local graveyard.
PvP is the most intensely demanding and challenging part of the World of Warcraft game, and one ill-timed slip-up – or even just a moment's hesitation – can lead to your character being slain and perhaps the whole battle being lost as well, if your team is deprived of your help at a crucial moment. And, as anyone who has played battlegrounds will know, there are very few moments indeed that aren't crucial! IWinButtons is your best bet to do this – and let me tell you why…
Macros and keybindings are the best way to ensure your reflexes are quick enough to get off a complex, furious flurry of attacks in exactly the order they need be launched in to kill your opponent. Pressing a button and triggering a sequence of deadly, swift, precisely ordered attacks is the only way to ensure that you won't end up wasting time with incorrect clicks, a moment of confusion, or thinking too hard about what you need to do – or giving your foe an opening with a heartbeat of uncertainty.
IWinButtons is crammed with information on the best macros used by the world's most successful arena and PvP players. You won't find any duds in this guide – every macro has been picked carefully and tested intensively to make sure it's the best possible for the role it's supposed to fulfill. These are the actual macros of players who have discovered the combinations of moves that let them dominate PvP, and become the strongest characters in the battleground – or the top arena teams of their server, as the case may be.
Don't fail to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity that IWinButtons offers you – to get as good as the pros through the very same methods they use, without all the pain of trial, error, and experimentation they went through.
Get your copy of IWinButtons – A Definitive Guide to Macros and Keybinds now and drive your foes before you with a bloodcurdling yell of triumph. Remember, if you know about this chance to make your character into a PvP juggernaut, and don't make use of it, then you have nobody to blame but yourself the next time a character using these macros and keybindings "rolls" you in PvP.





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