Thursday, December 15, 2011

Calorie Intake, Dieting and Pregnancy

Some women may think that it's ok to eat a lot of food as long as they do exercises after to burn the calories. There are also those who think that skipping a meal right now, gives you the right to eat a lot after.

Exercises do help in burning the calories, but it's better to eat what is needed by the body and still be active. Most pregnant women who are fairly active have a higher chance of maintaining their body weight at 15 calories per pound.

During the first few months of pregnancy, women only need about 20 to 30 calories per day to support the baby. Anymore than that and it turns into body fat. In the second trimester, they will then need about 100 to 200 calories and 300 calories per day in the final trimester. In the final stages of the pregnancy more calories and energy will be required.

Consuming too much calories causes weight gain, but consuming too few calories is more dangerous than consuming too much. During pregnancy women should not try to lose weight. This could injure the developing baby and might cause a miscarriage.

If ever you're planning to get pregnant, it's better to be at your desired weight. But if you weren't expecting to get pregnant and you feel like losing some weight, it's better to do this after the baby has been born.

If you plan on getting pregnant but you're a little overweight, you might want to lose a little weight before conceiving. There are more benefits for both the mother and baby when the mother is healthy during pregnancy. It will be easier for the mother to give birth, and the baby will be healthy. Always remember though that dieting is not an option and should be avoided. Try to eat in smaller portions and consume only what you need.

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