Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Do You Want to Join the Top Players of WoW?

You've seen them every day in World of Warcraft – the players whose characters seem to pull off impossible feats and do everything that they are supposed to far better than anyone else around them. There are the PvP enthusiasts whose characters can charge into a mass of enemy combatants and leave the field strewn with corpses behind them, while avoiding death with almost miraculous dexterity.
There are the tanks who can keep threat when thirty wild-eyed DPSers are unloading their whole arsenal onto a boss without any thought about aggro. There are the healers who keep their raid healed to the maximum through the most desperate fights without coming close to running out of mana. There are the hunters, rogues, mages, and shamans who top the damage charts and hit like a thunderstorm.
Now, with the arrival of IWinButtons – the most innovative, fresh, powerful guide that's hit the WoW scene since the release of the Cataclysm expansion – you can join these top players, and maybe even beat them at their own game!
Are you interested? You should be, because this is your opportunity to seize the chance to become one of the highest rated players of your server, a terror on the battlefield and a bulwark in the dungeon. This freshly released guide contains the secrets that are "hidden in plain sight", which will put you ahead of most other people in World of Warcraft, increasing your enjoyment of the game hugely!
How, you might ask, can one guide make such a huge difference in how your character performs in game? How can one collection of information, however well written, free your character from the mediocrity that burdens 95% of the toons in the game, and let you rocket into the top 5% in record time. Read on, and you will discover just how powerful, effective, and useful the IWinButtons guide really is – and how you can't afford to overlook the opportunity to get in on this guide NOW, and rise above being a speed bump for enemy PvP characters or the guy who is near the bottom of the charts on every raid group!
Macros and keybindings are two of the most powerful tools to boosting your character's performance into the stratosphere, but there's nothing in game to tell you how to use them. There's a vast body of knowledge out there, gathered by the top raiders and players of the world as they've worked out the macros that are best suited to producing victory in the shortest possible time.
IWinButtons gathers all the best of this macro and keybindings lore into one clear, value-laden package that spares you wading through endless reams of wacky, outdated, or just plain poor macros, and cuts to the chase – giving you the macros and keybindings that will turn your character into the hero you want them to be. There are tools here for every class and every spec, all tested to the utmost to make sure they deliver what you want and need – triumph in the most deadly dungeons and the most competitive arenas to be found in Azeroth today!





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