Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Does Your Child Ride the Bus to School?

Being a school bus driver requires a love of children, a desire to see them safely to school and patience above words. There are many school bus drivers who are completely dedicated and who are the best kind of people that you'd ever want to be around. However, there are some that have been hauled into jail after enough parental complaints only to find out that these drivers have had previous crimes and convictions on their records. How they manage to make it through the certification to drive a school bus is really a mystery, however, it happens. No person wants to have a convicted criminal driving their child to school. Your child's best interest comes first.

If you have ever had suspicions of your child's school bus driver, or you simply want to make sure that your child is safe, there are a few things you can do. Introduce yourself to him or her and stand at the bus stop with your child. The first thing this does is lets your bus driver know is that you are dedicated and involved with your child. Most bus drivers appreciate something like this, but if you are dealing with a bad seed, he or she will be wary as well. Find out the name of your bus driver.

Take that name to one of the websites which allows you to do criminal record searches, such as With this name, you can find all sorts of valuable information such as:

• Address – You can find out exactly where this bus driver lives.

• Phone Number – You can get the bus driver's telephone number.

• Criminal Records – You are able to find out whether your child's bus driver has ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor either in your town or nationwide. You can also get access to warrants that may be out on a person or civil court records and arrest records.

• Marriage Certificate

• Death Certificate

• Possibly Additional Information – Some additional information might include immediate family members of the bus driver, neighbors and even information on past jobs. If it is available to the database, you will receive it when you type the name in.

This is important information that you can use in order to find out whether or not your child is in a situation of danger. Should you find something on the bus driver's background report, it is imperative that you go immediately to the police as well as the school. There are laws which protect our children and do not allow convicted criminals to be in a position like that taking care of children. When you inform the proper authority, the bus driver should be taken immediately off of the school bus and dealt with properly. Utilize the tips and advice above in order to make sure that your child is safe, along with the other children that ride to school on your child's bus. You never know when you have the opportunity to save a life.





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